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Heh. I love cartoon cursing.

Anyway, that was the extent of my earlier mood today. Why, you ask? Oh, reading non-spoilers on TWoP for Alias.

Since I don't know if it's technically a spoiler or not, I'll still keep it under tag: Apparently David Anders is being put to "recurring" status next season.

When I first read that, I almost screamed in anger. Stupid ABC fucking asshats. My devotion to the show was already taking a downturn with this January shit, and now THIS? JJ and his monkeys can kiss my ASS.

Then I calmed down. And read this. Jinnie's words soothed my angry spirit.

And once it was all thought over in my mind, it makes much more sense. Sark's character was brutally sacrificed and cut into little, unrecognisable pieces in S3, all for the sake of...what? An uncertain cliffhanger, with very little resolution in place for all the other plot holes and story lines that were explored this season. We were all disgusted at how Sark was used this season. It was like they shoved in these pointless little scenes and plots just so they could fit him in to all 22 episodes (which didn't happen, thank you very much, Mr. Abrams). Not that I'd complain about gratuitous David/Sark, but not when the deliciously seductive GREY character we all came to love in S1 and S2 was forced to be a cookie-cutter, one-dimensional villian.

The biggest complaint, of course, was the use of Sark as a last-resort device to get the fans to like Lauren. I'll admit, HAD Lauren Reed been played by a better actress, I'm sure I could totally get on the Lark ship. The potential for complete hotness was there, what with the evil young assassin and the evil young CIA mole, but it was SORELY ruined by both bad writing and a very self-centered actress who doesn't seem to work well with the other members of her cast. And then again I have to rethink that, because what reason WOULD Sark have for pursuing a sexual relationship with Lauren, regardless of who played her? In my eyes, it was his big "fuck you" to Vaughn, and you could really see that in the interrogation/torture scene in "Resurrection". To piss Vaughn off further, Sark tells the other man about their affair, and when it was clear that Vaughn didn't give a damn, well, Sark was kind of SOL. I truly love the Vaughn/Sark hate, because it fuels my Sarkney-addled brain. Coupled with his "proclivity" for Sydney, wouldn't that be the ultimate kick in the balls for Vaughn, if Sark were able to seduce Sydney Bristow away from the Boy Scout? Yes, yes, the darling of most Sarkney fics in the biz, but whoo...if the show even ventured a tiny bit on that territory, lord, how sweet it would be.

Anyway, to get back to my main point, which could deal with occasional Sark sightings, as long as he made the most of those moments he was in. Plus, if Sark were to go back to only popping up in strange and high-tension moments, could we not recapture the Sarkney of early days, where they had the unbelievable chemistry flowing between them, even if they were on opposing sides? I'd love to have those moments back if it meant sacrificing some Sark time. Because sometimes (and I cringe saying this) but you can have too much of a good thing, and I'd rather not ruin that good thing (Sark) permanently.

So give us less Sark, but if he's even a hint of the parody he was in S3, me and JJ are gonna have a talk. His face, my vodka bottle.

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