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Temporary Insanity Pt. 2

Title: Gentlemen Prefer Blonds
Rating: NC-17
Timeling: Post-'The Telling'.
Summary : Written for lunasky's Deflowering Alias Challenge. Sometimes dreams do come true; you just can't control which ones do. Sark/Weiss.

“Oh god, Eric, that was hilarious! I’m sorry, but for a horror movie, that was so cheesy!” Sydney clutched his arm as they walked back to the car. “Those zombies were just awful, and that chick? She screamed at everything! I mean come on!! That was such a laugh riot.”

Eric laughed along with her, sliding his arm around her shoulders. The night had been perfect. They started out with sushi for dinner, even though Eric didn’t like it very much. Sydney had giggled the entire time as he tried to use his chopsticks properly. He had also nearly lost it when he first tasted the wasabi, and she had sent rice flying across the table. Then they had walked around the mall for a while before the movie started. Eric told her about taking Sark to the mall and she had laughed at the idea. In fact, she was pretty giddy the entire night. He didn’t dwell on it; he just enjoyed her presence and tried to forget the fact that Sark was still ignoring him.

After that weird night, they’d gone right back to that same awkward routine they had first had when Sark moved in. Except it was a lot worse this time around. Eric felt like he should be apologizing, but since he didn’t know what exactly he was apologizing for, he kept his mouth shut. Besides, it wasn’t his fault, whatever it was.

He was completely confused. Sure, okay, he had blown off Sark. But so what? Why would it bother the other guy so much? Even to the point that Sark had gone back to sleeping on the couch. Eric felt a little shunned by the behaviour, but he had no idea what to do. This was reminding him a little of his last serious relationship and that bothered him.

Sark hadn’t said anything against being dropped upon another agent for the night, so Eric had asked Dixon the day they came back. Right now Sark was enjoying the company of Derek Keller, a junior agent that worked with them. Keller didn’t seem to be intimidated by his new assignment for the night, which is probably why Dixon had chosen him. When Eric had dropped Sark off, the blond hadn’t even acknowledged him, which bugged Eric for some reason. They had been doing so well, and now Sark had just shut down for some stupid reason. Spending the night apart was supposed to be a good thing, but now Eric felt so guilty that he could barely concentrate. Even if he had Sydney all to himself.

“Mmm, this was such a great night,” Sydney said, and leaned against him. “I don’t want it to end.”

“Aw, Syd, it’s getting late. Besides, we better go pick up our little assassin from Keller before one of them ends up dead.”

“You’re right,” she sighed. “But we have to do this again soon. I can’t believe what a stress reliever being with you is. I wish I had found out sooner.”

“Hey, that’s what I’m here for,” Eric joked. She hugged him and giggled when he held the door open for her. They chatted about the movie as they drove toward Keller’s place.

Sydney stayed in the car while Eric ran upstairs to collect Sark. When he knocked on Keller’s door, the younger man answered almost immediately. “Thank god,” Keller breathed. “I honestly thought you weren’t coming back. And I wouldn’t blame you.”

Eric frowned. “Why, was looking after Sark that bad? What did he do?”

“It’s what he didn’t do that freaked me out. The guy just sat there all night, staring out the window. I asked him what he wanted to eat, he didn’t answer. I turned on the TV, he just ignored it. I threw a tennis ball at his head and he just picked it up and tossed it back to me. What did you do, lobotomize him? Hey, oy, Sark! Your keeper’s here to put you back in the cage!”

“Hey, Keller, be nice,” Eric said, annoyed, but Keller just ignored him. Sark appeared, his face blank. Keller ripped off the watch and slapped it in Eric’s palm. “How much do I owe you?” Eric said sarcastically.

“Don’t try to make this a joke, Weiss. You owe me big for this.” Keller slammed the door.

Eric turned to Sark. “What the hell did you do to him?” Sark just looked at him, a line appearing on his forehead. Eric sighed. “Never mind. I forgot you’ve taken the oath of silence.”

The ride back home was quiet. Sark was sulking in the back and Sydney seemed to sense that Eric didn’t feel much like talking anymore. When they got back to the building, they all stopped at Sydney’s door. She gave Sark a look, and he rolled his eyes before walking up the next flight to Eric’s place. She turned to Eric. “So…this was a great night.”

Eric felt his throat go dry, but he gave her a smile. “Yeah. Had a lot of fun with you, Bristow.”

“Me too,” she murmured. They stood there looking at each other for a long time before Sydney rose on her toes and gave him a small kiss on the lips. “Well, goodnight,” she said, and stepped inside her place, giving him a tiny wave before shutting the door. Eric stood there staring at her door before shaking himself out of his stupor and walking up to his own place.

He found Sark leaning against the wall, hands shoved in his pockets. “I’d ask you how your night went, but since you’re still pouting, I won’t bother.” He unlocked the door and let them in. Sark walked over to the couch and flopped down on it, turning away from Eric. Eric sighed, went to the kitchen and poured himself a glass of water. He stared at Sark’s head while he drank, then slammed his glass down on the counter. “You know something? I’m tired of this. You wanna sulk, fine. But at least give me a reason for why you’ve been acting like this lately. I mean, I’d apologize or something, but I have no idea what the hell I’d be sorry for. I thought we were getting to be good friends there, but obviously something stupid happened that’s making you act like a five year old. All I’m gonna say is get over it, whatever it is, and get back to the normal sarcastic Sark you used to be. Or at least tell me what’s going on, so I don’t feel like a total jackass for doing something I don’t even know I did!”

Sark just lay there. “Forget it,” Eric muttered. He flicked off the lights and went back to his bedroom, cursing Sark in his head. He tossed his clothes in the general direction of his closet and threw himself into bed. His fun relaxing night was giving him a migraine and he just wanted to get to sleep as fast as he could.

He didn’t remember nodding off but the next thing he knew he heard muffled cries coming from his apartment. He scrambled out of bed and grabbed for his own gun, but it wasn’t there. “Sark? Sark?” he called, but there was no answer, only an eerie silence. Without any thought about what could be happening in his apartment he opened his bedroom door and ran into the living room.

The couch and rug were soaked in blood. Eric wanted to yell out, but no sound came to his lips. He could see the outline of a body lying on the floor by the couch. He frantically stumbled over and tripped over something. His heart caught in his throat when he saw what it was. Sydney lay there, her eyes wide open but unseeing. Her chest was covered in stab wounds. He shook her hysterically, but her body was limp in his arms. He felt a hand on his leg and he rolled over to find Sark laying there, clutching at his throat. He was gasping, reaching for Eric, but there was blood pouring out of the slash in his neck. Eric pulled him up against the couch, but couldn’t think of what to do. He was reaching out for something, anything to stop the flow of blood, but then he felt something cold press into his neck. He opened his mouth to scream as he felt the knife draw across his skin…

“Agent Weiss! Eric, wake up!”

He could feel someone shaking him, and he wrenched his eyes open, sitting up. Sark was kneeling on the bed next to him, his face white. Eric passed a hand over his forehead and brought it away covered in cold sweat. He was also breathing hard and shaking like crazy. “What? What is it?” he asked.

Sark cocked his head. “I heard you screaming from the living room. I thought something was wrong.” Eric blinked a couple times. “Was it a dream?” Sark asked gently.

“Yeah,” Eric breathed. He gave a brief laugh. “Wow, I haven’t had a nightmare like that since I was a kid. You know, the kind that seem so real you can feel everything as if it’s really happening?” He took a deep breath and brushed his hand over his hair. Sark just sat there and stared at him. The cold feeling in his chest that he had woken up with was fading away slowly, but he still felt a shiver in his gut. He laughed nervously, “Boy, that really shook me up.”

Sark sat back and propped his arms up on his knees. “Do you want to talk about it, or would you rather leave it in the past?”

Eric sat back against the wall. “So now that I have a bad dream you want to talk to me?” he joked. Sark looked slightly startled at that. “Forget I said that. It’s just been a crazy couple of weeks and that dream didn’t help at all. It was just so freaky; so vivid it was scary. I’ve never felt so terrified in my entire life and it was a goddamned dream.”

Sark just nodded and they fell silent for a while. Eric could feel his breathing slowing down to normal and his heart was no longer pounding. A sense of calm swept over him as the memories of the dream fade from his mind. Finally Sark shifted. “I’m sorry I’ve been such a bastard lately.”

Eric raised his eyebrows and looked at Sark. “Where did that come from?” he asked.

Sark shrugged. “I just thought I’d give you one less thing to worry about. You were right; I was making a big deal out of something that wasn’t your fault. I apologize.”

“You do that a lot,” Eric replied.

“I do it when it’s necessary. I don’t want any animosity between us, especially because we don’t know how long this partnership is going to last. So I’m trying to clear the air.” He smiled and stuck his hand out. Eric shook it and smiled back.

They sat there again, just quietly looking at each other. Eric could feel something spark in the air. “Well,” Sark said quietly, but he didn’t move. Eric was aware that his heart was pounding loudly again, and he was suddenly very nervous. He didn’t know what was about to happen, but he wasn’t about to stop it.

Very slowly, he sat up and shifted himself forward. He leaned over and pressed his lips to Sark’s very gently, little more than a brush. Sark didn’t move, wasn’t even breathing, so Eric moved closer and kissed him again, this time with a bit more pressure. He opened his mouth carefully and slid his tongue out to run over the other man’s lips. They were soft and thin under his, a little dry and rough. Eric brought his hands up and cupped Sark’s face, letting his fingers smooth over the soft skin under them.

Suddenly Sark pulled back a bit. “Why did you do that?” he asked, his voice barely a whisper.

Eric felt something pull tight in his stomach. He could feel his face flame as his insides seemed to disappear. He wanted to lie, turn away and say something about still being half asleep, but those blue eyes were regarding him unblinkingly and he couldn’t think of anything to say. “I…I just…felt something, and I wanted to see what would happen if I did it. But I guess I was wrong, so…”

He saw Sark frown slightly and he cracked a smile, even though he felt like he was going to puke. “Naw, it’s okay, don’t feel bad. I’m used to rejection, you know? Don’t worry about it.” He went to lie back down, but Sark put his hands on Eric’s shoulders and stopped him.

“Eric,” he started, then stopped. Eric could feel those eyes searching his face, almost burning his flesh. Swiftly Sark leaned forward and kissed Eric insistently. Eric fell back on the bed, wrapping his arm around Sark’s head and pulling him down with him. He ran his hands through Sark’s curls as they kissed. Eric parted his lips when he felt Sark’s tongue probe at them, and the sensation of the other man tasting the inside of his mouth was almost more than he could bear. He moaned passionately, and moved his body closer to Sark’s, wanting to feel more of the other man against him.

Sark broke away from his mouth to kiss down his neck, while his hands roamed Eric’s chest and stomach. He shifted and slid one of his legs between Eric’s, his thigh brushing against Eric’s erection through his boxers. He could feel Sark smile against his neck and he used the hand buried in the curls to pull his face up for another heated kiss. Eric let his hands wander down Sark’s body as they kissed, enjoying the feel of taut muscles just below the surface of the smooth skin. His fingers brushed over Sark’s hips and slid underneath the waistband of Sark’s boxers.

“Wait, wait,” Sark whispered, pulling back a bit. He brought his hands up to Eric’s face and looked him straight in the eye. “How far…how far is this going to go? Because there’s no halfway here, Eric. It’s either all or nothing.”

Eric took a deep breath before replying. “Guess it’s gonna have to be all then,” he said, and smiled. Sark grinned back and Eric felt his heart thud in his chest. He leaned forward again, but instead of capturing Sark’s lips, he started pressing small kisses to Sark’s neck and shoulders. He rolled onto his back and wrapped his arms around Sark’s waist to bring the other man to lie on top of him. Sark ground his hips into Eric’s, their cocks rubbing together through the layers of fabric from the boxers. Eric made a sound like a growl and yanked Sark’s boxers off in one quick motion. Sark chuckled, but the sound was cut off by Eric’s mouth again claiming Sark’s. He wrapped his hand around Sark’s swollen dick and hummed when Sark groaned and jerked his body.

Sark took control again, removing Eric’s hand from him. Eric caught his breath as Sark kissed down his chest again, sucking it harshly. He had to admit, the blond’s mouth felt like heaven on his body. Sark ran his tongue over one of Eric’s nipples, then nipped it between his teeth. Eric groaned once, then again when Sark repeated the treatment on the other.

He had never felt like this before, so turned on by mere touches and sounds. It was like Sark knew exactly where to press or stroke for the most pleasure. Eric’s mind was spinning out of control, and he knew he wasn’t going to last very long if Sark made it down to his cock. He had no idea what the hell he was doing, or what was going to happen later, but he pushed aside all thoughts when Sark slid his tongue into Eric’s bellybutton. Thinking could be done much later. For now, he was just going to enjoy.

Sark pushed away the covers and ran his hands up and down Eric’s thighs slowly. He leaned over and nudged the bulge in Eric’s boxers with his nose. Eric thrust up, gritting his teeth. Very carefully, Sark pulled the shorts down his legs and tossed them somewhere into the black. He placed his hand on Eric’s raging erection and stroked up and down gently. Eric gripped the bottom sheet in his hands, panting. Again, Sark leaned over and took the swollen head into his mouth, causing Eric to scream in agony. The warm wetness of Sark tortured his over-sensitive body. Sark sucked him languidly, swirling his tongue around his tip in an achingly slow manner. Before Eric could beg for leniency, Sark’s fingers wrapped around the base of his cock and he took Eric in deeper, pushing him back until Eric could feel the slippery warmth of the back of Sark’s throat. Sark’s head began to bob up and down in a leisurely manner and Eric closed his eyes and prayed for release. He’d only had a few blowjobs in his life and this was very much the best one he’d ever experienced. Sark’s other hand was rolling his balls back and forth, and the double sensation was driving Eric closer to the edge.

He tucked his hands around Sark’s face again and lifted him away from his cock, bringing him back up his body for another kiss. Sark’s own hard cock was pressing into his hip and he wanted to give the other man release as well. He lifted Sark’s head off his own and looked deep into the sapphire eyes, hazy with desire. “I’ve never done this before,” Eric murmured, “But I want you. Now. Before I go insane.”

Sark looked down at him for a few seconds before comprehension came into his eyes. He kissed Eric gently before sitting up and crawling in between Eric’s legs. He bit his lip. “Do you have any…?” he asked hesitantly. Eric shook his head and cursed himself. Sark just smirked and spit into the palm of his hand. He stroked himself a few times, making sure the saliva was spread all over his cock. He took two fingers and sucked on them before bringing them down and pressing them along the seam of Eric’s ass. Eric hissed gently when Sark found his opening and carefully slid a finger inside of him. It hurt at first, but Sark was whispering, telling him to relax, so he did. Sark reached over and grabbed the other pillow and placed it underneath Eric’s hips, then nudged his legs wider apart. He worked his finger deeper inside, until it was all the way in and waited, watching to see Eric’s reaction. Eric moaned and rocked his hips up. Sark removed his finger and moved in closer, pressing the tip of his cock against Eric’s ass. He covered Eric again and kissed him sensually, hungrily, before pushing harder inside.

Eric’s breathing was erratic, and he clenched hard to fight the initial invasion, but once the pain lessened, the erotic feeling of Sark’s cock inside of him was so good that he gave a groaning cry that begged for Sark to start moving. Sark began to thrust, very slowly at first, letting Eric get used to the feeling. Eric began to move his body along with Sark, holding the other man’s hair between his fingers gently as Sark laid light kisses along his neck. Sark’s abdomen was rubbing against Eric’s throbbing cock, bringing him closer and closer to the edge. Sark began to thrust faster and harder, his own breathing getting out of control with every push inside of Eric. They began to move in an irregular rhythm as the climax built for both of them. Eric was ready to come soon, but Sark reached a hand between them and squeezed him. “Just wait, okay,” he whispered and Eric nodded frantically. Sark worked himself in and out faster, panting now. Eric brought him up for another kiss, catching Sark’s lower lip with his teeth and chewing gently. Sark groaned and slid his tongue inside to stroke Eric’s mouth.

Just when Eric thought he could take no more, Sark gave one last powerful thrust, stiffened his back and cried out. Eric felt something hot erupt deep inside and bit his lip not to scream. His impending orgasm was driving him up the wall, but he lay back and took pleasure in the feeling of Sark coming inside of him. Sark collapsed when he was done, laying his head on Eric’s chest panting for air. Eric rubbed a hand down his back then hissed when Sark shifted and brushed against his painful erection. When he had caught some of his breath, Sark carefully pulled out of Eric and moved down the bed, taking Eric into his mouth again. It only took a few seconds of Sark sucking on him before Eric shivered and came hard. He could feel Sark swallowing down his semen as he ejaculated, then fell back on the bed in an exhausted heap. Sark crawled up and lay down next to him. Eric pulled him over close. “Wow,” he finally said.

Sark chuckled. “No, I really mean that. I mean, that was so much better than I’d ever dreamed…”

Sark brought his head up to look at him. “You’ve dreamt of this?” he asked, his voice teasing but surprised.

“Oh yeah,” Eric murmured. “But man, nothing compared to the real thing. That was exactly what I needed too.”

“Just a good thing I was here then, hmm?” Sark winked at him, and Eric pulled him down for another kiss.


The transition from partners to lovers was a smooth one for Sark and Eric. The morning after, when Eric woke up with Sark in his arms, he had felt a small bout of nervousness and uncertainty. The feeling passed when Sark had rolled over and buried his head in Eric’s chest, nuzzling him softly in his sleep.

Suddenly Eric couldn’t stop grinning whenever Sark was near. It was crazy, and possibly a little stupid, but he was head over heels, had fallen hard, and completely taken with Sark. No, it wasn’t love, he kept telling himself, but it was something that gave him the same weird sensation deep in his stomach. And it wasn’t just the sex either; there was a new sense of intimacy in everything they did now: every time they spoke to each other, or ate supper, or even just sat on the couch watching TV. It was like now that the sexual tension had been broken, they were able to live in relative comfort with each other.

Eric’s favourite pastime now became learning every inch of Sark’s body, just so he could give him the same type of pleasure Sark dolled out every night. Sark loved having his neck covered with kisses, and he was slightly ticklish behind the knees. But his real Achilles heel came out one cool Sunday morning.

They had been lying around the bed, neither wanting to get up and face the day. Sark had been lounging on his stomach, his face pressed into the pillow, and as Eric was browsing over the sports section of the newspaper, he absently began to run his nails up and down Sark’s bare back slowly. To his surprise, Sark stretched his lithe body out long and taut and purred. Sark was absolutely greedy about getting his back scratched, to the point that he would threaten Eric with bodily harm if he did not comply. Eric certainly didn’t mind, because it was usually a prelude to something a lot more fun for the both of them.

They kept their work relationship professional, if not a little friendlier with each other than they had usually been, but not so much to make people suspicious of anything. At home, though, they were completely comfortable being with one another. They didn’t even bother with any pretenses. If Eric wanted to watch TV with his arms wrapped around Sark’s waist, well nothing was going to stop him, damn it. His peaceful times were at night, watching Sark sleep. There was something about staring at that young face while it was still that gave him a gentle tug somewhere deep in his chest. Once he was done studying Sark, he would bury his face in Sark’s soft hair and fall asleep himself. It just felt so right to be holding him and Eric didn’t want to think about anything else.

About two weeks after they had started sleeping together (biblically, not literally), Eric lay stretched out on his couch, catching up on the sports highlights. He had prepared dinner for the night, so Sark decided he would clean up and do the dishes. Eric was slowly dazing off when Sark came over and covered Eric’s body with his own. He pressed small kisses along Eric’s cheek as he snuggled down. Eric sighed with happiness. Sark raised his head and frowned down at the other man. He grabbed Eric’s hands and wrapped them around his own back, wriggling a little. Eric silently chuckled as he realized what Sark wanted from him, but he kept his hands still on Sark’s back, enjoying the blond’s frustration. Sark shook his shoulders a few more times before glaring down at Eric. “Do you want me to beg or something?” he growled.

Eric laughed. “Aw, poor baby wants his back rubbed. What are you gonna do for me, huh?”

Sark started to tease his ear with his tongue. “I did the dishes and let you relax.”

“I cooked supper. Try again.”

Sark undid the first few buttons on Eric’s shirt, sucking lightly on the exposed skin. Eric groaned quietly. “How much more do I have to do?” Sark murmured.

“I think that’s good enough,” Eric muttered and threaded his fingers in Sark’s hair, pulling his head up for a long kiss. As Sark slid his tongue through Eric’s lips, Eric began to run his fingers over Sark’s back. Sark made that sexy purring noise, the sound reverberating into Eric’s mouth and down his throat. Eric kissed him deeper, his tongue stroking Sark’s with more passion. Sark ground his hips down and Eric could feel himself getting very hard. He slipped one leg in between Sark’s and was contemplating how the hell they were going to get to the bedroom when a gasp stopped him cold. He pulled Sark away and rolled his head back to find the source of the sound.

Sydney stood frozen in the doorway, her hand covering her mouth and her eyes wide in shock. Sark raised himself off of Eric and straightened out his clothes; Eric sat up and rebuttoned his shirt. He stood and walked over to Sydney. She backed up slowly as he came closer. “Don’t. Just…don’t.”

“Syd,” Eric said quietly. He placed his hands on her shoulders. “Let’s go somewhere and talk, okay? Let’s just-”

“No!” she screamed, wrenching herself from his grasp. She turned to leave, but Eric grabbed her again and yanked her back in. She fought with him, but he managed to pick her up and toss her over his shoulder. She pounded her fists against his back as he carried her into the bedroom and dropped her hard on the mattress. She bounced back up and tried to stand, but he pushed her down again. “Let me go!” she snarled.

“Nope,” Eric said, narrowing his eyes. “Not until you listen. Now I’m gonna go back out there for a second and you’re gonna stay right here until I get back. And if you try an escape attempt, I’ll tie you down. So shush.” He left the room, closing the door behind him. Back in the living room, he found Sark flipping through the channels irritatedly. He sat down next to Sark and joked, “You know, I was watching that program.”

Sark’s jaw clenched the tiniest bit. “Why aren’t you back there, making up lies for Sydney?”

“Well, you see,” Eric sat back and stretched his arm out, laying it over the back of the couch and barely against Sark’s shoulders. He felt Sark tense, but he didn’t move away. “After spending many, many nights with angry Syd, I’ve learned that she goes through stages. Stage one, which is right now, is fuming silently. Next comes gratuitous cursing and stage three is breaking something. After that, she tends to calm down a bit and she’s actually rational enough to talk to. So we just have to wait for a loud crashing noise.”

He let his arm drop around Sark’s waist and pulled him close. His other hand came around and grasped Sark’s gently in his. Sark still wouldn’t look at him. “Look, Julian,” and Sark gave a start at the use of his real name. “Whatever you’re thinking, stop it. Syd’s my friend and she always will be, but this,” he squeezed the hand he was holding, “this is something different. Good different. And she’s not going to understand, or accept it right away, but that doesn’t mean I want it to stop or go away. Just…just remember that, okay?”

Sark still kept staring straight ahead, but Eric could see a small smile playing at his lips. Just then there was a loud thud coming from the bedroom, followed by a stream of loud expletives. “Well, guess that’s my cue,” Eric said, and pushed himself off the couch. He made to walk back there but Sark’s hand, still wrapped in his, held him back and pulled him down again. He cupped Eric’s face and kissed him slowly, brushing his teeth against Eric’s lips. When they pulled away, Eric felt a little dazed. “What was that for?” he breathed.

“Just something for you to remember,” Sark murmured, his eyes smoky with desire. Eric poked him in the side and stood again, walking back into the bedroom. Sydney was sitting on the bed, poised to strike. Eric sighed at the sight of his mirror smashed into small pieces on the carpet, then closed the door and leaned against it, crossing his arms.

They stared at each other for a few seconds before Eric decided to speak. “So,” he started, “that was probably an interesting sight for you.”

“Interesting my ass,” she snapped. “You…I can’t believe you would even…do you know…what the hell is wrong with you?”

Eric cocked his head to the side. “Just one question before we get started, okay? Are you angry because I was kissing another man, or because that other man was Sark?”

“Damn it, Eric, this is not a joke! How long has this been going on? How long have you been fucking Sark?” Eric just looked at her. “Answer me! Were you…oh god, were you fucking him when we went out on our date? What, was it some kind of ‘lovers spat’ you were having then? Because the last time I checked, you and Sark were not friends. How the hell did you go from that to being his little fuck buddy?”

Eric gritted his teeth. “First of all, we’re not ‘fucking,’ as you so delicately put it. Well, I guess we are if you want to get technical. But that’s not the point. Jesus, Syd, don’t you think I thought about all of this before starting something? I don’t understand why you’re getting so worked up over all of this.” He squinted at her, staring hard at her furious features. “Are you jealous? No, honestly this time, Sydney. Are you jealous that I’m with him and not you?”

“Is that so wrong?” she seethed. “I thought, especially after that date we had, that there was something between us. And I thought you felt it to, but I guess you just needed a good roll in the sack instead of something real.”

Eric strode over and shook her by the shoulders. “Hey! Don’t you ever say that again, okay? This isn’t mindless. I feel something for him, and I know that I shouldn’t, but I do and there’s nothing I can do about it. Yeah, I still love you a lot, okay? Nothing’s gonna ever replace you, but this has nothing to do with you. This is between Sark and me. And if you can’t deal, well, I don’t know what we’re gonna do about it.”

Sydney went completely still, her back stiff as a rod. She stared at Eric for a long time before pushing herself off the bed. “Well, you may not know what to do, but I sure do.” Eric tried to stop her before she got to the door, but she pulled her gun out of the back of her pants and pointed it at him. “Stay. Right. There,” she said and he sat on the bed, raising his hands up in surrender. She pulled the door open and stormed out of his room. Eric jumped up and opened his dresser drawer to grab his own weapon, but before he could, Sydney returned, pushing Sark in front of her with the gun pressed to his back. Sark’s face was carefully blank as Sydney shoved him forward and closed the door again.

“So,” Eric said calmly. “What now?”

“Now we do something about this,” Sydney stalked up to Sark and grabbed the front of his shirt. “Now I get to see exactly what it is he does for you.” To Eric’s surprise, she pulled Sark closer to her and kissed him harshly. Sark looked surprised for about two seconds before he began to respond, kissing her back with the same intensity. Sydney broke away and gave the men an evil grin, before shoving Sark onto the bed. She straddled him, leaning over and kissing him again while her fingers worked at getting his shirt off.

Eric watched dumbfounded as she first stripped Sark, then herself, of clothes. When she was completely naked she sat back down over Sark, grinding her hips hard into his. Sark groaned and Eric could see that he was completely hard underneath her. She pulled him up for another angry kiss, then pushed him back down and got up, walking over to Eric.

She immediately undid his pants, and yanked them down with his boxers, exposing his half-erect cock. She grabbed him tightly and he hissed at her roughness. “You,” she panted, rubbing her hand over him quickly to get him harder, “are going to watch him fuck me. Then maybe you’ll understand what to do about this.” She yanked him forward to the edge of the bed, then lay back down and pulled Sark over top of her. She let him kiss her again before pushing his head away and down. Sark understood, biting and sucking his way down her body. When his mouth was on her abdomen, she spread her legs wide and raised her hips to him.

Eric’s breathing was becoming uneven as he watched Sark’s mouth cover Sydney’s lower lips. Sark’s head blocked his view, but by the way Sydney was writhing and moaning, Sark was doing something good down there. Her hands were squeezing her breasts as she bucked underneath him. Eric wrapped his hand around his throbbing cock and began to stroke himself while he watched. Even though it was completely fucked up, he couldn’t help but think about how erotic this entire premise was. He moved his hand faster when Sydney gave out a keening cry and arched her back.

When she had caught her breath and her senses, Sydney lifted one foot and kicked Sark away from her. Sark fell back on the mattress, breathing hard, his mouth glistening with her arousal, his eyes glittering a near black. She sat up and dragged Sark’s body over to the edge of the bed, near Eric. “Now I get to watch,” she hissed, rolling over on her back and stretching out. She kicked Sark in the back. “And you better get him off too, or no one’s gonna help you with this.” Her foot slid between his legs and Sark jerked away from her, glaring at her.

He rose up on his knees before Eric and pulled his head down for a kiss. As their tongues stroked each others, Sark removed Eric’s clothing fully, his hand brushing over the bulkier man’s muscles. When Eric was naked too, Sark drew him down to the bed, rolling Eric underneath him. Like he had with Sydney, he kissed his way down Eric’s body, but he was gentler, his mouth soothing instead of leaving harsh bites and marks. He wasted no time in taking Eric’s cock into his mouth, sucking slowly at first before another kick from Sydney prodded him on more. Eric drug a hand through Sark’s hair and moaned as he drew closer and closer to climax.

Sydney crawled over and sat on Eric’s chest, blocking his view of Sark’s head bobbing up and down. She leaned over and brushed her lips against his. “Are you loving this?” she sneered. “Did you enjoy watching your lover go down on me? Do you like having his mouth wrapped around your cock? Does he get down on his knees and service you, like he should?” She threw her head back and laughed, a mad glint in her eyes. “You can’t lie to me now.”

Eric tried to answer, but he was panting for breath. Sark had worked one finger into his ass and now he was raising his hips in rhythm to Sark’s mouth. Sydney’s fingers closed around Eric’s tight nipples and she dug in with her fingernails. The extra pain made him hit his peak and he came with a shout. He felt Sark swallow around him and he groaned one last time before literally collapsing deep into the mattress. Sydney lifted herself off of him and sat against the pillows, her legs spread wantonly. Sark lay back between Eric’s legs, catching his breath and Eric wanted to pull him up and hold him next to him.

But Sydney wasn’t done. She shoved Eric out of the way and crawled over to Sark. She straddled him and pressed her hands flatly on his chest. “You think you deserve a little release now?” she asked. Sark just looked up at her breathing heavily, but Eric could see from the look in the blue eyes that Sark was getting tired of this game. Sydney rose up and sank down on his cock in a swift motion. She immediately built up a frenzied pace, trying to keep control, but she was over-stimulated and her anger was making her exhausted.

With one violent movement, Sark thrust up hard and threw her off. Before she could do anything, he slammed his body on top of hers and entered her again. She screamed and closed her eyes, tears appearing along the slit of her lids. “It’s my turn to control the game, Agent Bristow,” Sark snarled, pounding into her brutally. She was crying in pain and moaning in pleasure and she finally found another release, her eyes flying open in shock. Sark kept up his aggressive rhythm until he groaned and arched his back. He fell hard on top of Sydney, but she pushed him away and curled up at the end of the bed, her shoulders shaking.

Eric shifted over to Sark first, brushing damp curls off the man’s forehead. He silently asked Sark if he was okay and Sark nodded, his breath still short in his lungs. Eric gave him a small kiss before crawling over to Sydney and rubbing her shoulders. She wrenched herself away from him, but he lifted her effortlessly into his arms and lay back, resting her head on his chest. He could feel hot tears dropping onto his skin. “Shhh,” he whispered.

“I can’t…that…that wasn’t me. I didn’t mean it, I swear,” she cried, her voice still angry, but worn and tired. Eric stroked her hair and kissed the top of her head.

“I know,” he murmured. “Sleep.” He reached his other arm over and pulled Sark in close too. Sark curled up against him, placing his head into the crook of Eric’s neck. Eric held both of them tightly to his body. “Let’s just sleep.”


When Eric woke up, he was alone, covered in twisted sheets. He passed his hands over the mattress a couple times before getting up and pulling on a t-shirt and boxers. Summer had hit L.A. and already the heat was sweltering. He thanked the gods for air conditioning as he left his room.

He found Sark and Sydney sitting at the table, two mugs of coffee between them. Eric couldn’t feel any strong tension in the air, so he poured himself some coffee and sat down with them. “It was a little unsettling waking up to an empty bed, you know,” he joked.

Sydney gave him a small smile. “We thought we should let you sleep,” she said softly. She was wearing one of his t-shirts and a pair of his shorts. She was dwarfed in the huge clothes and looked adorable for first thing in the morning. “After…”

“Yeah, that wasn’t the best way to get to sleep,” he scratched his head, trying to keep the mood light. He really wanted to talk about what had happened, but he didn’t want to start it all over again. Right now Sydney seemed to be in a more receptive mood than she had last night, but he wasn’t sure how long that would last. She had every right to be angry with Eric, but she had handled it badly with her actions. He just had no idea how to say it to her without destroying whatever they had: their friendship, a chance at a relationship; hell, even just staying on good terms while working together. He knew Sydney, knew how stubborn she could be, and she had been hurt so much, he didn’t know what this would do to her.

Sark cleared his throat. He drained the last of his coffee, then left without a word. Eric looked at Sydney. “That’s not a good sign.”

“I asked for this time alone,” she covered his hand with hers. “Just thought it would be easier if we just talked.” She drew back her hands and crossed them nervously in front of her. “Except now everything I wanted to say seems worthless. Even an apology.”

Eric raised an eyebrow at her. “Don’t think you can get out of this with that innocent routine, Syd. We both deserve explanations for what happened.” He took a sip of his coffee and looked hard at her. She shifted a bit under his stare. “I’m waiting.”

“Okay. Um, okay. Yeah. I, uh, look…hmmm.” She crossed and recrossed her hands, reaching for her coffee, then putting it back down. Eric just kept staring at her, watching her squirm and fiddle. “All right. What I did was stupid, and yeah, I know that and all, and…it’s just…I was so shocked, especially after all the craziness and all.” She ran a hand through her hair. “Damn, why was this so easy in my head? It’s just a couple of simple words, and I know what I did was wrong, but…I just don’t want to say it without some kind of meaning behind it. I mean, I can say I’m sorry until I turn blue in the face, but how do I make you realize that I really, really, really am sorry?” she finished off softly.

She slumped back, her face miserable. “Eric, I screwed everything up so badly, and I didn’t want that to happen. It just feels like I lost you before I even had a chance. And now it’s been done and there’s nothing we can do to turn back time.”

Dang. He wanted to stay pissed at her for a while, but he knew she was really sincere in her repentance. Besides, he could tell this was really weighing down on her, and he didn’t want to let her suffer under his anger, since she’d already be regretting this for a long time.

He took her hand in his and rubbed his thumb around her wrist as he explained it all to her. He told her about the dreams, the sexual tension, everything that had built up to that night. “Look, Syd, I never meant to hurt you with all this, but can you tell me how in the hell I was supposed to just drop all this onto you, telling you about something that I really don’t understand myself? I didn’t know you would be so mad, but then again, I didn’t know you felt anything like this for me. You’re not the world’s most open person sometimes.”

“I know,” she sighed. “But I didn’t want you to push me away, because you thought I was just using you as a substitute or something like that. I really do like you, Eric. You, the great guy who has been my closest friend for a year now. And if you didn’t feel the same, that would have really hurt me.”

“Yeah, but Syd, you have to realize that you weren’t the only one to risk your feelings. I mean, I’ve liked you for a long time, even years ago when you and Mike were together. If I had thought I had chance one with you, I would have told you, a million times over. But you never even gave me that chance. Look,” he let go of her hand and sat back, “maybe this is the time we should talk about our relationship. Now is the time to be open, so we can figure out exactly where we stand here. I don’t think either of us want to go through something like that again.”

Eric caught sight of some movement beyond the kitchen and he smiled. “Hey man, you can stop eavesdropping now and come back in.”

Sark slowly reentered the room, one eyebrow arched. “I wasn’t eavesdropping,” he said casually, but Eric prodded his leg with his foot as Sark sat down and Sark grinned at him. “So, we’ve all kissed and made up?” he asked.

Eric looked over at Sydney. “We’ve…come to an understanding,” he said, and Sark nodded. The three of them looked at each other for a while before Eric spoke again. “Well, as much as I’m enjoying the awkward silences around here, it’d be nice for a little chatter once in a while.”

Sydney giggled. “What do you want us to ‘chatter’ about? When we’re all going to end up in bed together again?”

Eric had been taking a sip of coffee, but he choked when she spoke. He stared at Sydney, and even though she was smiling mischievously, her eyes were serious. He glanced over at Sark and saw that the blond was hiding behind his mug. “Ok, kids, I’m missing something here, aren’t I?”

“We came to an understanding ourselves this morning,” Sydney replied. “We both want you, you want both of us. I’m not going away, and apparently, neither is Sark. So we’re going to time-share you.”

“Huh? Why do I suddenly feel like I’m up for auction here?”

“I think what Sydney’s trying to say,” Sark broke in, “is that we’re not going to make you choose which person you’d rather be with. I like you,” he said almost shyly. “I know you…like me too. And we know how we both feel about Sydney. With this arrangement, no one gets left out, no one is better than the other, no one is jealous.”

Eric scratched his head in confusion. “And you agreed to this?” he asked Sydney.

She smirked. “What, two cute guys lavishing attention on me and each other? I know, it seems a little wild, but you only live once. Don’t you want to find out what it’s like?”

“Well…” he started, but he was cut off when Sydney slid over and sat on his lap, lifting his head for a kiss. He moaned, enjoying his first taste of her, tongue stroking hers softly. When she pulled away his eyes were hazy. “Okay,” he said, not even caring about much else. She gave him a smile and kissed the tip of his nose.

“I’m sorry to do this, but I have to run. But I will be back later today, just for…whatever,” she winked, then jumped up and left.

Eric licked his lips, then drew his chair closer to Sark’s. “Isn’t that nice of her, to run off leaving me all hot under the collar?” He dipped his head and kissed Sark’s neck.

“Oh, and I suppose you want me to do something about it?” Sark retorted, but he was squirming slightly under Eric’s hands on his chest. “Hmm. I believe I can help.”

“Good,” Eric murmured, before hauling him up and walking them back to the bedroom.


It was Sunday afternoon a few months later, Eric, Sydney, and Sark lounging around the bed as usual. The fat Sunday newspaper was laid out in various sections around them. Sark was sitting up against the pillows, reading the news section. Sydney was sprawled out across the foot of the mattress on her stomach, the lifestyles section spread in front of her, a lock of hair twisted around one of her fingers. Eric was half-sitting, half-lying between both of them with the comics. One of Sydney’s legs was wrapped around his and Eric was using Sark’s lap to prop his head up. The early autumn sun spilled into the room and warmed the inhabitants, leaving them in a sleepy daze.

Sydney flicked over a page and refolded her paper. “Pass me something else,” she murmured, her eyes blinking lazily.

“Okay,” Eric poked through the other sections next to him. “What’d you want?”

His cell phone rang, cutting of Sydney’s reply. Eric made a small grumbling noise before getting up and grabbing it. “Hello?”

“Agent Weiss, I’m sorry to disturb you on the weekend,” Dixon’s voice came through the earpiece. “But I was just informed about our success with the last mission. I’ve been in contact with the senior directors and with the news of this latest accomplishment, they’ve agreed to a pardon agreement for Sark, with the condition that he becomes an agent. I just thought I’d inform you so you can make arrangements as soon as possible, to find him a place of his own.”

“All right, thanks,” Eric said guardedly. He clicked the phone closed and put it down slowly.

Sydney rolled onto her side and was looking at him. She raised her eyebrows. “What?” she asked.

Eric rubbed his chin, frowning slightly. “That was Dixon,” he started. Sark laid his paper down on his lap. “He just wanted to let me know that Sark’s is getting a pardon. And that he…doesn’t need babysitting anymore.”

Sydney frowned as well. Sark just picked up his paper again. Sydney poked him. “Don’t you care?” she asked.

Sark flipped to another page. “I already knew.”


“Well, not for certain, but I had an idea. Director Dixon told me the other day that if we were successful with the last mission, they would consider some sort of new arrangement for me. A reward for being a good boy for this long.” Sark refolded his knees, but didn’t look up. “I’ve been suspecting they would do this for a while now.”

Eric lay back against the pillows. “Well, I guess this is good news for you then, huh? You get all your money back now. Guess your first stop on Monday will be to the Armani store. Plus…” he trailed off, looking down at his lap. Sydney crawled over and held his hand, rubbing it softly.

Sark closed his section and tossed it aside. He was reaching over for another one when he caught sight of Eric and Sydney. “Am I missing something here?”

Eric shook his head, “Nope.”

Sydney glared at him. “Yes you are. Eric’s just being stupid again.” Eric nudged her with his knee and was rewarded with a pinch on his hand.

Sark looked slightly amused. “Mind telling me why?”

Sydney opened her mouth again, but Eric covered it with his hand and pushed her down. “Be quiet Syd. It’s nothing.” She glared at him and wriggled around, but he trapped her under his legs. She bit his finger and he wrenched his hand away. “Hey! Wasn’t very nice, Syd.”

Sydney rolled around under his legs. “Sark, Eric’s worried that now that you don’t have to stay here, you’re going to move out and leave him.”

Eric sighed and let her go. She rolled off the bed and left the room. Sark shifted over and laid a hand on Eric’s arm. “Is she right?” he asked.

Eric sighed again. “Sort of,” he mumbled. “I mean, now that you don’t have to be here, why would you stay? You can buy a nice big place, buy your own wardrobe and all. You know. The stuff you’ve been wanting all this time.”

Sark laughed suddenly. “I love it when you’re insecure.” He took Eric’s face between his hands and turned it so he could kiss the other man softly. Eric couldn’t help but kiss back, even though he felt a little sick. Sark pulled back, but kept his hands on Eric’s face. “Do you want me to move out?”

Eric blinked a bit. “Well, I’ve kinda got used to having you around. And it would be nice if you’d stay. You know.” He could feel himself blushing a bit. “But I don’t want you to stay just because you have to. I mean, you won’t have to worry about getting zapped anymore.”

Sark laughed again and shook his head. “I can’t believe you.” He reached over and grabbed the CIA watch, which had been sitting on the bedside table. He handed it to Eric, who shot him a quizzical look. “If you would pay attention, you’d notice that it only registers the date and time.”

Eric poked at the various buttons, but just as Sark said, the rest of the features didn’t bother working. “Wha…when did this happen? And how did you know?”

Sark looked at him, grinning. “I disabled it the first night I stayed here.”

Eric looked up at him, stared into those blue eyes. “What? So why did you even bother staying here all this time then? You could have been free months ago!”

Sark rolled his eyes, but he was still smiling. He just leaned over and kissed Eric again. Eric pulled his head back a bit. “Wait, don’t tell me. You stayed because…you wanted to?”

“Yes, you big dummy,” Sark crawled over and straddled Eric’s lap before kissing him. Eric leaned back and pulled Sark on top of him, scratching his fingers down the bare back. Sark moaned and ground his hips hard against Eric’s.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, you boys started the party without me,” Sydney bounced herself on the bed, stretching out beside them. She ran a hand up Sark’s back and into his hair, pulling him away from Eric. “Guess this means we’ve settled the issue,” she hummed as Sark kissed her neck, his hips still pressing into Eric’s.

Sark captured her lips for a deep kiss before gently pushing her back. “I think we’ve paid you enough consideration lately, Sydney,” he said huskily. “Why don’t you practice your observation skills for a while?”

She sat up grinning, quickly shedding off her pajamas. She lay back down on her back, one arm tucked under her head and bringing the other hand up to travel the length of her silky torso. “Go ahead boys. Make my day.”

Eric grabbed for Sark again, running his hand down the other man’s chest in a familiar, possessive manner. Sark leaned down to kiss him again while Eric pulled at his boxers, suddenly impatient as hell for them to be naked. “Get these damned things off,” he grunted, and he could feel Sark laughing against his cheek. With a couple of twists and yanks, two pairs of boxers went flying. Eric could hear Sydney giggling at their enthusiasm. It turned him on to hear it and he chuckled himself.

The chuckles turned to groans as Sark sat back on his knees and wrapped a hand around Eric’s cock, stroking him up and down slowly, too slowly. Eric thrust his hips frenetically, Sark’s hand tightening its hold on his shaft. He was mumbling, his eyes half-closed, watching Sark smile proudly at the effect he had on the bigger man.

Eric grabbed the wrist that was moving up and down, pulling him away almost reluctantly. He sat up and kissed Sark hard. He could taste Sydney’s cherry lip-gloss and the unique minty flavour that Sark always seemed to have on him. He broke away and kissed down Sark’s body, loving the feeling of smooth skin under his lips and the salty tang of male sweat that clung to Sark’s chest. God, that mixture of tastes in his mouth was enough to drive him nuts, absolutely insane. Sark was gripping his shoulders roughly, and Eric heard moans, one distinctly female. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Sydney’s hands massaging her breasts, her hips rolling around.

Fuck, but at this moment, Eric Weiss felt like the luckiest guy on earth.

He finally reached his destination, bending over and licking over Sark’s erection coarsely. The growl that came from Sark’s throat made him smile wickedly. The first time Eric had tried this, he had been nervous as hell about doing it all wrong. It took about two seconds of Sark’s writhing madly before Eric realized the power this particular action had. He’d never admit it outside of the bedroom, but damn he liked sucking on Sark’s cock.

Eric did it now, one hand firmly in the curve of Sark’s hip and the other wrapped tightly around the base of the penis. He took the swollen head in first, teasing a bit, just to get some kind of control, because he knew he’d be flat on his back in a few seconds here soon. Not that he really minded. He gave a vicious suck that had Sark cursing harshly, before running his mouth over the rest of the hard shaft. He deliberately licked leaving a trail of hot saliva, preparing Sark. The idea of getting any artificial lubricant didn’t even cross their minds anymore…this was a much better way.

Sark emitted a very frustrated noise before hauling Eric up and shoving him back down flat. He pushed Eric’s legs open wide, shifted forward positioning their hips and his cock, then thrust hard. Both men cried out in ecstasy. Sark immediately began a strong rhythm, pistoning himself deep inside of Eric, making the darker man groan and lift his hips to meet the furious motions. Eric thrashed around, panting for air. He twisted his head to the side to watch Sydney. She was no longer kneading her breasts, but one hand was gripping the sheets and the other was buried between her legs, working madly against herself. Eric ran his own hand down her body and slid it down to join hers. He couldn’t see, from this angle, what he was doing, but her fingers grabbed at his and slipped them in the right place. He groaned and began to pump his hand in and out of her wetness, her fingers locked around his wrist guiding him.

Sark bent over Eric, his hips still, and met him for a long heated kiss. Eric nearly passed out from lack of air, his whole body going limp. When Sark pulled back, sitting up on his knees and breathing hard, Sydney swung her body over, kneeling beside Eric’s prone body. As Sark began to move again, she bent over and took Eric’s throbbing cock into her mouth, making him shout with pleasure. She was still rocking her hips into Eric’s hand as her hand and mouth ran up and down the length of his shaft. If he didn’t come soon, he was going to go absolutely nuts.

Sydney climaxed first around his fingers, when he tweaked her clit with the pad of his thumb. As the orgasm passed through her, she moaned and hummed around Eric’s dick, her teeth scraping along his flesh as she tried to keep her mind on finishing him off. Sark was thrusting erratically and with one last great effort, he pushed himself hard and groaned loudly, exploding inside of Eric. Eric followed soon after, the mixed feeling of Sark’s hot come inside and Sydney’s wet mouth around him sending him flying over the edge. He heard various exhausted sounds, his eyesight blurred with the over-stimulation of pleasure he had just received. Eventually two sweaty bodies curled up on each side of him, making a very happy and sated Weiss sandwich.

When breathing got back to a semi-normal level, Sark reached an arm over Eric’s chest and poked Sydney lazily. “I thought it was your turn to watch, Bristow.”

Sydney mimicked his action, one silken arm draped across Eric. “Hey, if you’re feeling threatened by me Julian…”

“Threatened by you, Bristow? I think not.”

“Okay, children, do I have to separate you?” Eric said wearily and both of them giggled. They damn well giggled. Damn the Sunday afternoon sex shows; they were making them all sleepy and demented. “Let’s play nice, like we were a few minutes ago.” He heard two very contented sighs agree with him and he closed his eyes, ready for a good nap. Unfortunately, nature called at that moment and he groaned heavily before unraveling himself from the nice cocoon of warm flesh. He rolled over Sydney and bent over to grab at his boxers when another fit of giggles erupted from the bed. “Christ, what now?”

“Eric, you have newsprint all over your ass!” Sydney panted, her delirium increasing her laughter. He twisted himself around until he could see his back in the mirror. And there it was, black streaks all down the back of his torso. He looked over to his recently vacated spot on the bed and choked; in their sensual haste, they had forgotten to toss the Sunday paper to the floor and now it lay in tatters over his comforter. Well shit.

He checked his ass out in the mirror again. “Guess I’ll be needing a shower,” he mused.

Sydney got up, crossing over to him and running her hands over his shoulders. “I’ll go get the water warmed up,” she murmured, pulling his head down for a kiss. He contemplated throwing her up against the wall, but images of shower ran through his head and he gave her an exaggerated push out the door. He admired her naked body saunter out before jumping back on the bed, gathering up the newspapers and tossing them to the floor.

He lay back and stretched out. “Much better,” he mumbled. He rolled on his side and began to run his nails down Sark’s bared back, waiting for the sensuous purr from the blond man. He worked Sark into a catatonic state, enjoying the laziness of the day. “If we’re gonna keep sharing like this, I’m gonna need a bigger bed.”

“You need a bigger apartment, period,” Sark murmured. “Too bad we tore the listings apart.” He opened one eye, humour radiated in the blue. Eric traced circles in the sensitive lower curve of Sark’s back and got a heated groan in return. “You mentioned a shower?” Sark said desperately, then pushed up off the bed, making sure to brush against Eric as he did.

Eric lay back and enjoyed his moment of solitude, listening to the tempting sounds coming from the bathroom for a second before getting up to join in. He took one last look at the disheveled bedroom and grinned.

Oh yeah. No dream could ever beat the reality.

The End ;D

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  • oh my god you guys more porn

    Title: Combustion and Other Chemical Reactions Media type: fic Rating: NC-17 Warnings: N/A Word Count: 1776 (short but sweet) Additional…

  • oh my god you guys check this one out!

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