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It's a threesome. Be nice.

Title: An Enticing Offer
Author: Auchic
Rating: Oh, NC-17. Wouldn’t be right without the smut.
Summary: Caught in a compromising position, Syd/Julia makes an irresistible offer. Syd/Sark/Simon.
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, much as I wish I did. They belong to J.J. Abrams, Bad Robot, and Disney…just not me.
Spoilers: None. Well, I guess this would be set sometime after “A Missing Link” but this has very little plot, so…
Distribution: Ask and ye shall receive. My loyalties are flexible, but stealing from me is not.

“I’d ask what the hell you were doing here, Agent Bristow, but I could probably venture a good guess on my own.”

Sydney whirled around at the smooth voice, her long hair falling in front of her face. Shit, she thought.

“How did you know it was me, Sark?”

“Oh please. Just because you change your hair and,” his eyes traveled over her body appreciatively, “wear that alluring outfit, doesn’t mean you’re suddenly a different person. Now, since I have a gun trained on you, perhaps you could tell me exactly why you’re here?”

Sydney nervously tucked her hair behind her ear. Sark stood before her in his characteristic black. He was leaning against the doorframe, and he held the gun casually in his hand. She moved away from the computer she had been searching through and moved in front of the bed, facing him fully. Sweat began to bead on her forehead, not only from the heat of the room, but from the sudden apprehension she felt.

“Why do you care so much?”

Sark smirked at her. “Oh Agent Bristow, you can’t expect me to be so naïve as to think you’re doing this for your own sense of well being. Anytime the CIA decides to step into my business, I find that I’d like to know about it, so that it can remain just that: my business. So, tell me what your mission with Simon Walker is, or you can experience an enormous amount of pain. It’s your choice.”

“Some choice,” she shot back. Despite her wariness of Sark, she couldn’t help but notice how extremely sexy he looked in his outfit. For a man who spent two years in CIA custody, he was still lean and the black suit fit him perfectly. His shirt was unbuttoned at the top, leaving a little bit of his collarbone peeking through. A slight sheen on the skin from sweat shone at the juncture of his neck. His hair was still cut close to his head, but it gave him a more dangerous look. She suddenly found herself missing the curls.

“Like what you see, Sydney?” His unusually husky voice startled her out of her reverie and their eyes met. Usually ice cold and reserved, she was surprised to find them clouded over with desire. His eyes dropped to admire her again and she didn’t miss the heat that radiated from them. Interesting she thought. May as well take advantage while I can.

Of course, it helped that his wandering eyes instantly aroused her.

She stepped a little closer to him, but the gun was abruptly raised to her breasts. His eyes masked over and were instantly back to the cold indifference. She froze and shot him a seething look, but didn’t say anything. When he spoke, the huskiness was gone and the clipped British reserve was back.

“What’s the matter Agent Bristow, cat got your tongue? You may as well speak now, or I’m sure that we could give your name on that little CIA plaque a permanent spot.” He poked the gun into her chest, but she remained mute. She wasn’t scared of him. Or at least, she wasn’t about to show him if she was.

“Not in the mood to spill tonight?” He lowered the gun and stood up from his relaxed pose. “Whatever you wish. Naturally, though, I can’t have you messing up my work here, so I’m just going to have to go tell Simon and the boys about your little double agent status. I’m sure you won’t mi-.”

“NO!” Her hand shot out and grabbed his arm as he turned to go. He swung back around to face her and they stood inches apart. The electricity rocked her and she suddenly had trouble breathing. Suddenly she realized how hot she really was, standing this close to him.

“Look, Sark, I had no damned idea that you were in on this. All I want is to find out what the relationship is between the Covenant and me being missing for two years.”

He tilted his head back a fraction and smirked. “Surely you could do better than Simon Walker. He may act, to use an American phrase, like he’s ‘all that’, but really just into petty theft and simple jobs. Couldn’t the CIA have picked a more important thug for you to whore yourself out to?”

She was livid and wanted to slap him, but she remembered the gun in his hand and settled for a biting, “Fuck you, Sark.”

His smirk deepened. “Exactly what I was thinking.”


Syd was taken aback. “Excuse me?” she sputtered.

He rolled his eyes in annoyance. “Oh, please. Don’t give me that bullshit. You heard exactly what I said.”

“If you think for one second I’m going to let you touch me…”

“That’s precisely what I mean to do. Look, Sydney,” he stepped in close to her and shifted her back until the back of her knees hit the bed, “You don’t want Walker finding out about you, but you’re not just going to go aborting this mission. And seeing as I’m the one who could potentially ruin it all for you, you’re really in no position to tell me what I ‘can’ or ‘cannot’ do.”

He slowly leaned his head in until his lips were millimeters away from her neck. She bit her lip to keep from sighing when his hot breath hit the perspiration there. “Besides,” he murmured, “You want this. And don’t give me any damned excuses. You’re just aching for this.”

She clenched her teeth together and closed her eyes in frustration. Damn him. How could he read her so well? She couldn’t deny the physical attraction and as much as she hated herself for it, she couldn’t help but be intrigued by his dark, dangerous side. The rational part of her mind was screaming for her to knee him in the groin, but it was quickly being overpowered by the sensual part of her brain-not to mention the tiny kisses Sark was now laying on her neck and collarbone. Fuck rationality and reason for tonight.

“Sark…” she gasped as his tongue ran over the tiny hollow in her neck, “Before we do…anything, get rid of the gun.”

He didn’t raise his head, but spoke against her skin. “I won’t need it to, ah, keep you in line?”

She gritted her teeth. “No.”

“Very well.” He stepped back and threw the gun in the corner. His leather jacket followed and as he stepped back toward her, he put his hands on her hips and drew them together. He dipped his head to kiss her and she closed her eyes, but as soon as their lips touched, he paused. “Tell me that you want me Sydney. And don’t lie or I’ll know.”

Him being so near overloaded her senses, and she was nearly trembling with anticipation, but she still managed to choke out, “Yes I want you. God, I want you to fuck me, Sark.”

She felt him smile gently and he kissed her lips lightly. She pressed herself into his body and opened her mouth to his tongue. Waves of pleasure ran over her body as his silky tongue began to dance with hers. Her hands, pinned up against his chest, ran up into his collar and stroked the soft, damp skin underneath. His hands moved from her hips to her ass to press her closer into him, letting her feel how much he wanted her.

She moaned and kissed him deeper. His right hand moved up and cupped her breast. She ground herself into his body and he growled, gently biting her lip. She traced his lips with her tongue and moved her mouth over to bite his earlobe. He rained kisses down her neck, over her collarbone and to the soft skin above her breasts. His other hand moved up and both began to knead her breasts. He abruptly pulled back from her neck, and before she had time to protest, he grasped the front of her tank top and ripped the leather material right down the middle. He dove in to kiss her again, and his fingers began to gently tease her nipples. She arched herself into him; her knees were weak, and he pushed her back onto the bed and fell on top of her.

Sydney couldn’t that she was responding like this to Sark. She didn’t believe after meeting Simon that she had been celibate for two years, but all her frustrations and longings were buried just under the surface and she couldn’t help but let them out. She could feel lust raging through her, and the fire between her legs began to build as Sark pressed his lithe body into her. She thought about all the people in her life: Will, Weiss, Dixon, Jack, Vaughn…all the people that would be disappointed by her betrayal. She hesitated, and bit her lip as Sark sucked on her skin, but he began to nuzzle her breasts through the thin silk material and she pushed all thoughts out of her head. Screw the world. I need this in every possible way. That’s all Sark’s doing it for too, so I may as well take the opportunity. Oh yes, as her bra was pushed away and his hot mouth found her erect nipple, I NEED this.

She flipped him onto his back and sat up, removing her bra. She let it fall onto the floor and ran her fingers over her feverish skin. His eyes were dark blue, pulsing with desire and he ran his hands over her stomach and breasts softly. It surprised her that he was being so tender; she would have assumed he’d be more forceful, especially with her, here, tonight.

“Like what you see, Sark?” she echoed his question from earlier.

His fingers found her nipples and began to rub them gently. She moaned and ground into his lap. “I guess…that…answers that,” she managed to hiss out.

As his hands continued to massage her breasts, she placed her arms on the bed and slowly leaned down to kiss him when a cold voice and the sound of a gun cocking came from behind them.

“Julia, darling, would you mind explaining what the FUCK is going on here?”


She froze instantly.

Well, fuck

She raised herself up again and stared at Sark. His eyes burned into her, warning her that they were in a bit of a tough spot. She felt cold metal press against her neck and realized it was the barrel of the gun. Despite the heat of the room, her blood ran cold and her damp skin was now covered in goose bumps, as if a breeze had ran through her.

She shot Sark a look that cautioned him not to say or do anything and slowly turned around to face Simon and his gun.

“You weren’t supposed to be back so soon,” she said breathlessly.

“Oh,” Simon sneered, “So I guess that gives you the right to just fuck the first guy who comes in here.”

“He surprised me, I wasn’t expectin-.”

“Save it,” he cut her off. His eyes were cold with fury, but she saw something else behind it. Was that…lust? She suddenly realized that Sark’s hands were still running gently over her naked breasts. She thrust herself into his hips to get him to stop and he met her with one of her own. The heat between her legs and the feel of his erection pressing into her was overwhelming and she groaned in spite of herself. She looked up at Simon again and saw that he was watching Sark’s hands almost hypnotically. His breath was coming in short heaves and she began to comprehend: Simon was turned on by this, by her and Sark. She let a smile creep over her face and her hands slowly reached out to his hips to pull his body closer to hers. He let himself be drawn forward, but kept the gun in his hand.

“So what do you think, babe? Kinda sexy, isn’t it? Watching another man touch me like he owns me…gets you all hot and bothered, hmmm?”

“Don’t change the subject,” he murmured as her hands began to stroke his chest through his shirt, but his voice was wavering. Sark’s hands moved down from her breasts and to the front of her pants, where he began to rub her clit through the leather. She threw her head back and purred in ecstasy. When her eyes met Simon’s again, the heat in them nearly scorched her body. She pulled his head down for an earth-shattering kiss, letting her tongue run over his lips. A distinct clatter came from the corner: Simon had thrown the gun and his hands were now pressed into her back, pulling her body up to his as he deepened their kiss. She ran her hands back down and ripped his shirt open, pushing it off his shoulders so she could attack his chest. His skin was hot under her hands and fingernails. The hands on her lower body began to move faster and her body began to ache for more.

Simon broke their kiss, tugging her bottom lip between his teeth. “I must say babe, this is an unexpected surprise, but a very enticing offer.” His eyes blazed into hers. “So, you’d better give me a pretty good show, or I might have to reconsider my decision not to shoot you both.”

He made to move back, but she grabbed him by the hips and pulled him to her again. “I had no intention of being watched tonight, lover.”

He looked at her confused. She felt Sark’s hands stop their stroking as the meaning in her words hit him, “Sydney, you’re not suggesting that we…”

She reached back and pulled Sark up until he was pressed up against her back, his arms wrapped around her waist and chin resting against her shoulder. She leaned back until she rested against his chest and pulled Simon into her. “We all want this. We all want each other. Really, what’s wrong here? Now,” she pulled Simon’s face back down to hers, “let’s get back to what’s really important here.”

She kissed Simon hungrily. He cupped her face with his hands and kissed her back with equal passion. Sark’s hands moved back to between her legs and began to lightly tease her again; she groaned into Simon’s mouth and sucked on his lips. Sark began to rain light kisses on her shoulders and neck, sucking at her collarbone and nuzzling her skin.

She was growing wild with each touch. Sure, other men had treated her with respect and gave her sexual release, but she had never had two men give her such attention. It thrilled her that both of them wanted her, that neither of them cared about the other; they just wanted to give her the elation that she needed badly. She wasn’t Julia, she wasn’t Sydney; she was just a woman who needed satisfaction, and they were the only ones able to give it to her. She didn’t care what happened tomorrow, if Sark would rat her out, her mission, or what all the people in her life would say to this. She didn’t give a damn about anything but tonight.

She moaned, and started to suck and bite on Simon’s neck. He shifted his neck over to allow her better access and grunted with pleasure. Sark’s face was buried in her hair, nuzzling the sensitive skin and she thrust her hips backward into him. One of his hands left her inner thighs and moved up to cup one of her breasts. He rubbed the erect nipple lightly and she moaned and threw her head back to rest on his shoulder. Simon’s hands left her face and traveled down her body to rub her ass. He began to kiss her left shoulder, sucking on the collarbone like Sark had been doing seconds ago.

Sark brought his head out of her hair to suck in a deep breath and suddenly she saw Simon jerk his head up and bring his lips to Sark’s, capturing the other man in a hungry kiss. She felt Sark stiffen and jerk and saw his blue eyes widen in shock. He made no move to push Simon away though, and when he met her eyes, the familiar smirking look was in them. She rolled her head over and softly brushed kisses along his jaw, loving the way that Simon’s rough skin rubbed against her own.

Simon broke the kiss. “You know, mate,” he said huskily, “I think it’s about time we got the rest of her clothes off.”

Sark made no reply, but wrapped his arms around her waist and hauled her body backwards against his. He readjusted himself, sitting up against the headboard and placed her firmly in his lap, her back pressed to his chest. She pouted against the loss of warmth against her chest, but chased the thought out of her mind when Sark pulled her lips up to his for a warm kiss. One hand traced her jaw line and the other cupped her right breast, teasing the nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

Warm hands slipped over her waistband, and she opened her eyes lazily to see Simon undoing the buttons and sliding the slick fabric over her hips. He had discarded his jacket and shirt and was kneeling between her legs. He shed her of her pants, threw them onto the floor, and pushed her knees apart to stare between them. His eyes met hers and even though her mouth was presently occupied, she begged him to touch her with a pleading look. His look was scorching and he trailed his fingers over her inner thighs, which were covered in sweat from the pants. His fingertips were feather light, making paths toward her opening, but traveling back up before they met. She whimpered and thrust her hips up, but he removed his hands and leaned down to kiss around her knees. Her hips fell back down and ground into Sark’s pant-covered pelvis, his erection pressing into her ass. His eyes clenched and he responded by kissing her deeper.

Finally Simon’s hands returned to her body, stroking her abdomen with those gentle teasing fingers. He traced a course through the sweat clinging to her skin down to the juncture of her legs. He languidly caressed her clit with his thumb and let his index finger slide over her wet lips, pressing her opening, but not going any further. She watched him through hazy eyes, arching her hips toward his hand. She looked up at the man kissing her; Sark’s eyes were now open and focused on the hand that was playing between her legs. His other hand dropped to massage her neglected breast and she closed her eyes in ecstasy, throwing her head back so her hair fell over his shoulder.

She heard a slight ringing in her ears and the loss of pressure between her legs made her sit up abruptly. Simon had gotten up to answer the phone ringing in his jacket over in the corner and had left her. She made indistinct noises of protest, but suddenly Sark’s hand, which had been dancing over her stomach and breasts, swept down to her legs and plunged his fingers deep into her. Her back arched and she stiffened her entire body, crying out in pleasure. He twisted her body around so she faced him and kissed her hard as he began to thrust his fingers into her. She purred with pleasure at the feeling and the rumble in her throat caused him to laugh at her.

He pulled back and started to suck her neck as she rode his hand. “Do you know,” he murmured, “that I have been dreaming of this since I met you? There were times where it nearly killed me to shove a gun in your face, when all I wanted to do was take you to the nearest bed and make love to you until neither of us could move.” His lips ran down to her breasts and captured a nipple between her teeth.

Her hands ran to his chest and began to frantically rid him of his shirt so she could feel his skin next to hers. “Mmm…and now you have me. I can’t say that I haven’t imagined this moment myself.” She threw his shirt to the ground and started to work on his pants.

He groaned when her hands brushed his groin. “Of course…I really didn’t see Simon Walker in any of my fantasies. Usually they involved you in a Catholic schoolgirls’ outfit being a very bad girl and me with a ruler, ready to discipline you.” He twisted his fingers forward and she hissed a long breath at the pressure.

She yanked down his pants and her hand found his hardness and began to pump him. “Somehow I knew you’d be into the kinky stuff, Sark,” she moaned as he gulped in a deep breath. His hand moved faster and deeper into her and she retaliated by stroking her thumb over the head of his cock. “Tell me more.”

He removed his hand and grasped hers as he guided his cock deep into her. She sighed in pleasure as she sank her hips down. “Well, do you remember our little mission in Japan, with you dressed as that geisha? My, that was an attractive number. Of course, more attractive off than on, but I take what I can get…” his words trailed off as she began to ride him slowly. His hands circled her hips and helped her set a better pace. He began to meet her hips with thrusts of his own.

“Cute,” she managed to mumble. “What about…ah! the nightclub? You seemed to enjoy me singing to you…oh…” her head fell back and she blinked rapidly. “Or the…mmm…Russian uniform? You wore yours pretty damned well, if I recall…ahhh…right.”

“Oh yes, the nightclub,” he panted. “Very sensual. Perhaps with a little persuasion, you could sing for us tonight? And the uniform…well, sometimes I’ve dreamed of you dressed up wielding a whip. Because sometimes, I’ve been the bad one…god, Sydney…”

He rolled her over onto her back and began to thrust harder. She scratched her nails down his back and he hissed in pain. “I could believe that; you needing to be disciplined,” she giggled, then gasped. “But I would have seen you as more of a ‘silk sheets and champagne’ type dreamer, rather than every teenage guy’s wet dream.” She began to suck hard on his neck. “And I bet whenever you had a ‘threesome’ fantasy, it usually involved you and two girls. Typical selfish man.”

He began to massage her breast, which caused her to moan loudly. “So I’m guessing tonight is all about you, mmm?”

“Of course,” she gulped. He kissed her again, milking her mouth until they both broke away breathless. He pounded his body into her, causing her to yell loudly. His hand found a sensitive spot on her lower back and tickled her; she threw her head back and came with a loud scream. The convulsions of her inner muscles were too much for him and he spilled himself into her, then collapsed on her chest. She wiped the sweat from his short hair and sighed contentedly.

“Well well, I turn my back for one minute and you started to play without me.” Simon appeared at the side of the bed, now naked himself.

She frowned. “You left me all hot and bothered. Mr. Sark was darling enough to help me out a bit.” She reached for him and he lay down next to the couple, kissing her soundly.

“Business, love. Which you two happened to interrupt so very nicely. Seemed like you were having a deep little conversation there. Got to know each other a little better?”

Sark smirked from her chest. “Oh, Julia and I have a bit of a history together. Nothing so fun, but we go way back. Of course, to me she was ‘Sydney’. Nice little alias on her part” he began to rain soft kisses on her breasts. Simon’s eyes clouded over.

Sydney stretched her body out and purred contentedly. Sark’s mouth felt wonderful and she let her fingers trace around his head, drawing patterns in the thick sheen of sweat covering him. He rolled off her slightly but left his mouth where it was; she closed her eyes, missing the warmth of him already.

“No fair, I want to play,” Simon whined and he grasped her hips lightly to drag them over facing him. He kissed the inside of her thighs, alternating between each leg and moving slowly closer to her body. Finally he laid the lightest of kisses on her clit and she moaned, a long drawn out sound. His tongue began to lap at her, moving up and down in a lazy motion. She wriggled a bit, her body demanding more. He plunged the tongue into her, drawing out another sensual moan.

Sark’s body moved until he was lying on his side behind her head. He propped her neck up a bit near his stomach and leaned on his left elbow, lazily tracing his fingers over her breasts. When she shot him a pouting look, he laughed, “Better vantage point. It’s quite erotic to watch someone else touch you, you know.”

She said nothing, but rolled her head to the side. His erection was millimeters away and she darted her tongue out to touch it. He jerked his hips in surprise and as he brought himself closer she opened her mouth and took him in. He let out a grunt, practically choking at the sensations her mouth was giving him. She sucked lightly, and he pulled himself into a curved position to give her better access. “Damn it, Sydney,” he hissed as her teeth scraped the underside of his dick. Her damp hair against his stomach felt great and he leaned his head down the best he could to suck the sweet moisture clinging to her body. His hand cupped her breast and tweaked the nipple and she yipped in surprise.

Simon’s hands were smoothing themselves over her hips and thighs and his mouth felt wonderful, his tongue slowly tracing her entire area then coming back to plunge into her and fuck her furiously. A finger slid down and joined it; her hips began to buck wildly. He let his mouth go back to simple tracing and another finger slid in to make up for the loss. She began to suck in heavy breaths around Sark; her body thrashed wildly and whimpers erupted from her lips whenever they could. When Simon’s teeth latched on to her clit, she came violently, crying out loudly. She threw her head back and tried to breathe while waiting for the room to stop spinning.

Simon’s head rested on her hip, and he grinned wickedly up at Sark. “Thanks for getting her all warmed up, mate.” He looked at the panting woman beneath him and his eyes focused on the other man’s hard cock. “Why don’t you, ah, let me help you with that?” and before Sark could say anything Simon had him deep in his mouth, his hand tracing Sark’s hips much like he had Sydney’s seconds before. Sark began to suck in air quickly. He was shocked but the other man’s mouth felt wonderful on him.

Sydney finally recovered, and she opened her eyes and smiled lazily. She aligned herself next to Sark and began to stroke his sweaty chest. “Mmm…it is hot to watch you two,” she giggled into his neck and he turned to her, grinning.

“Voyeur,” he murmured, then gasped and thrust his hips up as Simon’s hands reached down and cupped his balls. Sydney began to lay bites across his stomach, pulling on his skin lightly before letting go. He began to gasp for air and his hand gripped Sydney by her hair and kept her head pressed to his stomach, her body a preserver to keep him from going wild. He came with a shout and Simon sucked him down, keeping him deep in his warm mouth until it was over. Sark pulled Sydney up by her hair and kissed her hard. She kissed him back, pressing her tongue deep into his mouth and moaning at the sensation.

She pulled back and pouted before bouncing up and pushing Simon onto his back. “Si, you’ve haven’t fucked me yet,” she whined, and she straddled his hips, rubbing her hips over his cock and legs. Sark laughed at her quietly; she was acting like a little kid who was impatiently waiting for her toys. He sat up against the headboard and drew his knees up, his hand rubbing his semi-hard dick, ready to watch his Sydney get fucked.

“Babe, you are insatiable,” Simon growled as he pressed a thumb to her clit and began to rub it back and forth. He brought his knees up for her to lean against, and lifted her body up, pressing the tip of his erection into her and let her sink her body down onto him. She closed her eyes and sighed as he filled her. She rocked against his body, his hand flat on her abdomen as he played with her. She brought her hands up to cup her breasts, running her fingers over her swollen nipples and moaning at the shocks it sent through her body. She opened her eyes and looked hazily at Simon below her, furiously thrusting at her and panting. She let her head drop back to her shoulder and focused on Sark stroking himself. She matched his movements with her own hands on her breasts. She watched as his chest began to heave, and a flame grew in his eyes. He was intent on watching her rocking hips slide up and down Simon’s slick length.

Simon gave one final thrust and spilled himself into her, groaning with the effort. Sark’s hand was pumping fast, ready to let himself go, but suddenly Sydney rolled over and took him deep into her mouth. The warm feeling and the swirl of her tongue sent Sark over the edge and he came hard in her throat. She licked him clean, then crawled up and draped herself over his body, kissing him wetly. Her hand moved back to cup him again, but before she could stroke he caught her wrist and held it.

“Good god Sydney, give a man a minute,” he gasped. She stuck her lower lip out and he captured it with his front teeth and sucked on it. He rolled her over until they both lay on their sides facing each other.

Simon came around and slid in behind Sydney, pressing his body to her back. His hand traced the wet skin down her side and reached under her leg to press his hand into her wetness. “Come on mate, give the woman her due. Julia’s a wild woman. She can go all night.” He began to stroke her slick center as he pressed kisses to her shoulder. Sydney moaned with pleasure.

Sark raised his head from where he had been sucking on the tops of her breasts and met Simon’s eyes. Both had a matching smirk to them and without saying anything Sark grasped her thigh and pulled it up over his hip, giving Simon better access. He slid his fingers down to slide inside of her as well and she gasped at the sensations. She began to wriggle and writhe under their sensual movements and her breath was coming in short heaves. “Oh please, more…more…” she moaned.

Simon held her hip and guided his erection deep into her. Sark matched the thrusts with his hand and thumbed her clit as she gulped for breath. She let her fingers fall down and began to pump Sark, her fingers flying over his hard wet dick. She tongued his ear and demanded, “You too,” in a harsh whisper. He smiled wickedly and carefully slipped himself into her as well. Sydney began to scream at the feeling of both men fucking her, and she closed her eyes and buried her head in Sark’s neck, her screams coming out in pants. Sark raised his head to allow her better access and he gripped the back of Simon’s head and pulled him in for a harsh kiss. Simon shoved his tongue in the other man’s mouth, and they danced with each other as they thrust into Sydney simultaneously. She began to suck on Sark’s neck harshly, causing him to groan into Simon’s mouth.

Sydney came first, screaming throatily and bucking wildly out of control. The feeling of her muscles clenching and convulsing around both of them buried deep in her tight wetness caused Simon to orgasm first, bringing his mouth away from Sark’s to breathe, and Sark followed, slamming hard into her and erupting. She fell heavily on him and Simon fell on her, pressing them all together in a slick hot bundle. They lay haphazardly, sucking in deep breaths, hands lazily tracing any bit of skin they came in contact with.

Sydney eventually propped herself up on the head of the bed and looked down at the two men pressed into her body. Simon had fallen asleep on her breast, his warm breath occasionally brushing her skin. Sark was lightly kissing her other breast and tracing the skin around it. She slid her fingers under his chin to lift it up and look at him. He slid up her body and cradled her, kissing her mouth softly, letting his tongue play with hers. When he broke away, he touched his head to her forehead and they lay there together.

“So, did you have fun tonight, Sark?” she mumbled in a sleepy voice.

He smirked. “I’m thoroughly satisfied. Have you been?”

“Hell yes,” she breathed, as his fingers danced down her stomach and began to trail around her thighs. “But I could always use some more…oh!”

He leaned down and kissed her again. “Do you remember me once saying we’re destined to work together?”

“How could I forget?” she moaned. “You almost killed me then.” She cried out softly as he slipped his fingers into her again.

“Just goes to show you I knew what I was talking about, mmm?” She pinched his neck and he yelped laughingly.

“Sark, do you remember that offer you once made to me? Is it still open for consideration?” she moved her hand down from his neck to his hip and began to stroke the skin there.

“Well, of course, my love. Could I ever say ‘no’ to you?” He moaned as she grasped his growing erection in her hand. “I take it then, that you’re going to accept this time?”

“Well,” she groaned, “on one condition.”

“What’s that?” he panted.

She smiled wickedly. “We bring Simon along for the ride.” She jolted the other man and he awoke abruptly. He looked confused for a second, until he spotted the actions in front of him and grinned.

“Bloody hell! We’re ready for Round Two!”

[I]The End…of This Round…[/I] ;)

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