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Chapters #5-8

Previous chapters can be found in 'Memories'

Chapter #5

Simon smiled as he opened the door but he barely had time to do anything else before her hands roughly shoved him into the wall beside them. “Julia, wha-?”

“Shut up,” she hissed. “Just kiss me. God, I missed you.” She captured his lips violently and pressed her body hard into his. His hands snaked around and cupped her ass as she began to run her fingernails over his hard chest. He sucked on her lower lip as he rocked his hips against her, his cock already hard in his pants. She broke away from his lips and began to lick and suck her way down his neck and collar. Her tongue found his left nipple and she circled it, pleased with the grunt that came from him. She bit down and sucked, then moved to the right and mimicked her actions. His breath was coming in short gasps and he tried to bring her head up to his to kiss him again, but she broke from his grasp, caught his wrists between her hands, and held them together against the wall. Once he realized to stay still, she knelt down in front of him and dropped kisses on his lower stomach and abdomen as she unbuttoned his pants. She pushed them down to his knees and let her lips travel over his boxers, carefully avoiding the spot that demanded the most attention.

Simon groaned and tilted his head back. “God, babe, the things you do to me…” his words were cut off as her tongue ran over his shaft through the thin cotton. “Don’t…be…a…tease…” he managed to gasp out through gritted teeth.

She ignored him and continued her light kisses and tongue strokes, making no move to free his penis from the confining material. Her hands braced herself against the wall as she tortured him with her mouth. She knew he longed to grab her and direct her to his straining erection, but he also knew that she could get up and walk away. So he just leaned up against the wall and let her go at her own speed.

Finally she tugged the boxers down and let his erection spring free in front of her face. He looked down at her and she saw the dark desire in his eyes. Hers sparkled with mischief as she let the tip of his cock run over her lips. He jerked his hips forward, needing relief. She could hear his breath come out in sharp bursts and she moved her hands over to grasp his cock. She ran her hands over the shaft and brought it to her lips.

She first ran her tongue over the head and he groaned. She took it in her mouth and sucked lightly while her fingers kept running over and over the hardened shaft. She kept up the light teasing for a few seconds, wanting to have him totally at her mercy. She looked up and saw his head was tilted back, his eyes closed and his mouth moving, but no sound coming out. She opened her mouth and took his length in as far as she could. He sucked in a sharp breath and let it out with a whimpering pant.

His hands fell down and threaded through her hair. She let him grasp her head and he began to thrust his hips slowly, his cock slipping in and out of her mouth. As he f*cked her mouth, she ran her hands over his thighs and over his hips. She let her tongue flick over the head every time he pulled back and he would grunt with approval. Sometimes she would let her teeth scrap over the bottom of his cock lightly, and he would jerk his neck and cry out.

His thrusts became fast and furious, and she could tell he was near release. She began to suck harder and her hands moved to the part of his erection that did not go in her mouth and began to rub it softly. He thrust forward one last time and came with a shuddering cry. Her lips stayed wrapped around his member until he let his body fully collapse against the wall, and she fell forward, letting her face rest against his legs.

He slipped down the wall and sat down, gathering her into his arms. “Mmm…hello darling,” he murmured into her ear.

She straddled his hips facing him and kissed him deeply. “Hello,” she giggled.

She loved this sensation, being held and kissed after great sex. She sighed and buried her head into the crook of his neck, letting her lips run over his neck, and sucking lightly. It felt so good to be somewhere where she didn’t have to think or do, just be.

“Much as I love this darling, why are you here?” Simon’s voice rumbled against her head.

She looked up quizzically. “What do you mean, why am I here? You called, said we had another job in a couple days, I’m here.”

“Well, I know that.” He untangled their bodies and stood up, pulling his pants back around his hips. “But…we never do this. Usually it’s meet up, do the job, spend a few mind-blowing hours together and then we go our separate ways until the next time. That’s what you made me agree to, wasn’t it?”

She pushed herself off the floor. “I wanted to see you. I needed to see you. Is there a problem?” Her voice had suddenly gotten much cooler.

He smirked, “Not today, but what if I would have had, ah, ‘company’?”

She whipped her head around and shot him a fierce look. “Another woman?” she spat.

He looked startled at her sudden mood change. “Look, Julia, that’s what…what we wanted, right? I mean…you’re the one who made the rules here-.”

“I’m out of here.” She turned to the door, and opened it.

He groaned in frustration and rubbed his face. “Damn it, woman.”

She turned and faced him in the doorway. “Call me when we’re supposed to meet.”

Before she could leave, he had a grip on her upper arm, and pulled her back into the room.

“Let me go!” she snarled.

“Not until we talk about this! What’s gotten into you, babe?” He frowned and held on to her other arm to stop her from taking a swing at him.

She wrestled herself out of his grasp. “Nothing is wrong with me babe,” she said through clenched teeth. “I needed to see you. I needed you, and I come by and you have to question me. God! I’m so fucking tired of everyone questioning me about everything! Why can’t you just understand that I wanted to be with you?” She fell down on the bed, head cupped in her hands, suddenly drained from all the intense emotions she had been dealing with for the past while.

She felt the mattress depress next to her and Simon’s arms came around her body to enfold her. She laid her head back on his shoulder as he gently kissed her forehead.

“I’m sorry,” he said.

She sighed in defeat and blinked back the tears that were behind her eyes. She had never broken before him and she would not now, even with the display she had put on just there. It was the most intense he had ever seen her, and she vowed not to let it slip through again. Weakness, that’s what it is. You’re just tired; you let your defenses down. Don’t let it happen again.

His arms were stroking hers in a soothing manner and she almost felt like she could stay there forever. He loved her; she knew that. She also knew that there were no other women, no matter how much he joked. She had been the one to insist on a separation between work and play, because Sydney had needed the time to report back to the CIA and much to Simon’s dismay. Like it or not, he was completely taken by her, and he trusted her in every sense: mind, body, and soul. This was her safety net; as long as she could make him love her, he would not harm her, nor let anyone else. She sneered at his weakness, but took its advantages when she needed it. Sad, that he could be made to love someone who didn’t give any thought to him.

The problem though, was could she stop herself from learning to love him back?

Simon’s soft touches were making her shiver and she pushed herself off of him. “Apology accepted, darling,” she said as a slow smile crept onto her face. “Now, I’m feeling a little…dirty. Wanna join me in the shower?”

His smirk matched her own. “Love to, babe,” he murmured as he brushed his lips against hers. She stood and led him into the small bathroom, pulling him up against her and kissing him deeper. They undressed each other quickly, spending little time teasing the other with little touches, but in a hurry to complete their need.

Once in the shower, the water making their skin slick and hot, Simon picked up the bar of soap and began to run it over her shoulders, her breasts, her arms. She smoothed the water over his shoulders and moaned at his touch. His fingers dipped down to her waist and he leaned over and kissed her again. His tongue probed her mouth and she retaliated with her own, wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling his head down to hers. She hooked her left leg around his hip, giving him better access to the heat radiating between them. His right hand slipped down and flicked over her clit. She jerked and sighed into his mouth. As his thumb continued to rub her, he slid two fingers inside of her, and began a slow, torturous rhythm of in and out. She reached down and started the same torture on him, rubbing her fingers over his wet erection. The simple movements caused Simon to throw his head back and take a deep breath. When their eyes met again, he slipped both his hands under her ass and pulled her up onto his hips. She let out a long shuddering sigh as her body slid down his and she wrapped her legs around his body to support herself. He leaned down and kissed her again, and as he pressed her back to the shower wall, he slid himself deep into her.

She moaned into his lips and raked her nails down his back, pressing herself as close as she could to his hard body. He started a slow pace at first, but desire quickly took over and he pounded into her. She was panting, moaning, asking for relief, the warmth deep in her belly building as his hips pushed into her and his skin rubbed against her aching clit. She rocked back into his body, urging him to bring her over the edge. One of her hands snaked between their bodies to reach down to where they were joined, and she began to speed up her climax. His head dipped to her chest and he lapped up the water running down her breasts; his mouth claimed one of her nipples and with that sudden movement she exploded, her back arching, and her head thrown back. The shockwave that started in her stomach moved all throughout her body and engulfed her in waves of ecstasy and she closed her eyes as she screamed his name. He followed her with a loud groan, spilling himself deep within her.

For a few minutes, the only sounds were the water beating down and their hurried breaths slowly coming back to normal. She finally let her legs slip off his hips and leaned forward, pressing her head into his chest. He kissed the top of her head and chuckled.

She raised her head and looked at him. “What’s so funny?” she inquired.

He smiled wickedly at her. “I was just thinking that we should fight more, because the makeup sex is unbelievable.” He brought his head down and captured her lips again.

She giggled and swatted his chest lightly. “Don’t laugh, or you’re sleeping alone tonight.”

He reached around her and turned the water off. “Please. You couldn’t hold out that long.”

She looked at him through narrowed eyes. “Try me.”

He laughed again, and lifted her onto the cool tiles of the bathroom floor, where he wrapped her in a soft towel and pulled her to him again, kissing her softly. They dried each other off with care, kissing exposed skin and letting their hands run over each other. With every stroke and brush, the heat between them began to build again, and Simon lifted her up by her hips and placed her on the counter, pressing her back as he kissed her deeply. The towel dropped and he cupped her breasts when a slight knock sounded at the main door.

He pulled his head back and let out a silent groan, but she pulled him to her again and said, “Maybe if we ignore them, they’ll go away”

She kissed him again and his tongue slipped in to do battle with hers, but the knock sounded again, and Simon slowly pushed himself away, sighing disappointedly. She pouted and tried to capture him, but he avoided her grasp and pulled his pants on again. “Si…” she whined.

“Babe, as much as I’d like to…continue, it’s probably business, and as we know, business comes before pleasure. Now,” he threw his shirt over his shoulders and cupped her face, laying a kiss on her lips, “I will be right back, so you just keep yourself from getting in any trouble.”

“Hurry back and you can help me get in some,” she threw at him. His eyes sparked with desire as he closed the door, leaving her to shake out her hair and pick up the towel that lay on the floor.

She turned to the mirror and was surprised to see the lightness in her eyes. She had never done this before, as Simon had mentioned. She kept their personal lives separate, much as he had wanted her to stay with him longer each job. But once she had hopped off the plane, she had been in such a frenzy that she drove herself furiously to the hotel she knew he was staying in and practically ran up to his room to attack him. She had needed him so bad, just needed to press her body up against his. She knew he wouldn’t complain; he wanted her all the time. Simon Walker had spent almost two years getting used to being with her.

Funny thing was, Julia Thorne could get used to it too. Usually their times were pure passion; furious f*cking for out of control ecstasy. But this time had been gentle, tender and caring. They had never spent time touching, kissing skin. Usually it was ripped shirts, clothes thrown haphazardly around the room, scratch and bite marks causing blood to run. And usually that was how she wanted it. But now…

She ran her fingers through her hair and smiled at her reflection. Yeah. I could definitely get used to this. She wrapped the towel around her body and went to the door, back to Simon. She opened the door saying, “Well, lover, hope you’re ready for a little more fun,” as she came into the room.

She stopped suddenly and leaned against the frame of the door. He was there, sitting at the small desk in front of his laptop, and he looked up at her in surprise. She was all set to saunter over and place herself firmly in his lap when she noticed the other person in the room. The early afternoon sun glinted off the short blonde curls and the dark blue suit made a smooth noise as it was adjusted around its owner’s lithe body. A familiar smirk tugged at the crooked lips and a knowing look came in those ice blue eyes.

Well, fuck, she thought.

Chapter #6

She showed no sign that she recognized him as she sauntered over to slide her hands over Simon’s shoulders. She could feel those eyes give her toweled body a very appreciative glance, and she steeled herself not to punch him right now and kick his ass out of the room.

“Why didn’t you warn me we had ‘company’, love? I would have come out a little more…decent,” she purred into the darker man’s ear. Her hand slipped into his shirt collar and he met her eyes with a startled look. He made no reply, but abruptly stood up and moved to encircle her body with his arms.

“Mr. Sark, I don’t believe you’ve ever met the fourth person from my team. This is Julia Thorne. Babe, this is our employer, Mr. Sark.” He lifted her chin up, kissed her softly, and pulled her closer to him. She could almost hear Sark’s snort of derision.

“A pleasure,” she said and daintily extended her hand out to Sark. He grasped her hand and slowly bent over to kiss it softly, never taking his eyes off of hers. She took this chance to let her eyes run over him. The last time she had seen him had been in Mexico, after just having been released from CIA custody. Now, his skin was back to its normal deep tan. His hair had grown back somewhat; it was no longer shaved close to his head, but was now covered in small curls. He still wore expensive suits well, and his eyes were the same ice blue; hard and unflinching. He looks good, she thought. Someone’s been treating him well.

“Oh, no, the pleasure is all mine, Ms…ah…Thorne,” he smirked. Their gaze finally broke and he let his slip once again over her body, letting them linger on the long, bare legs and the flushed skin just above her breasts.

Simon wheeled her around and said, “Well, it would seem our business is done, Mr. Sark. Now, if you’ll excuse us…”

She could see that Sark didn’t like being dismissed this way, but he lifted his chin and made his way to the door. “I will be getting in touch with you before Sunday to review the plans, hopefully this time without…interruption. And Walker, please try to keep your head in the game, all right? Ms. Thorne,” at this point his voice dropped from the usual clipped, business-like tone to one slightly huskier, “until next time.” The door slammed unceremoniously behind him and she giggled.

Simon raised her chin to look at her. “Something funny, babe?”

She gave him a smug smile. “Nothing really. I just like it when you get jealous and possessive over me.” Her hands began to run up and down his chest.

He raised an eyebrow at her. “Well, don’t we think much of ourselves, hmm? And I was not jealous!”

She threw her head back and laughed. “Oh please, Si, you were so! Getting up and making sure I was hidden from view, asking Mr…Sark to leave us alone? I must say, though, it was really sexy,” she smiled.

“Alright, so I didn’t like the way he was looking at you! Is that a crime?”

She slipped out of his grasp and turned to walk to her bag in the corner. “Guess you’re just going to have to get used to guys looking at your girlfriend, babe.”

Simon captured her around the waist and lifted her into his arms, ignoring her squeak of surprise. He walked over to the bed and dropped her on the mattress, her towel coming loose and falling to the floor as she bounced onto the soft material. He gave her no time to sit up before he practically threw himself down on her, kissing her deeply and pressing their bodies into the mattress. Her arms snaked around his neck and pulled his head closer. He growled into her lips, “No, I bloody well don’t. You’re all mine, and I’d like to keep it that way.”

She moaned as his hands began to travel over her naked body. She kissed him heatedly, pulling his body into hers. “Mmm…possessiveness is so sexy,” she murmured into his mouth. His right hand trailed up her body and cupped her breast, his thumb running over her taut nipple and she arched her hips into him. He trailed hot kisses down her neck, over her shoulders and licked the skin above her breasts. He grinned wickedly as his mouth hovered over her breast and she lifted her back to him, but he avoided her movements. She shot him a furious look and without breaking their gaze, he flicked his tongue over her erect nipple. Her breath was coming in short gasps as he kept up with the light flicking, his mouth never totally descending on her breast.

She growled under her breath and using her legs, flipped him over onto his back. She mumbled something about ‘too many clothes’ and ripped the shirt off to attack his chest. Her tongue began the same type of torture on his nipples, flicking at the sensitive spots while he lay trapped beneath her. She ripped the button and zipper off the front of his pants too and shoved all the material down his body until their bodies were touching skin to skin. She captured his mouth again, her tongue darting around his and his hands moved up her body to stroke her breasts again. He leaned forward and suckled on her right breast, letting his hand massage the left one. She groaned and firmly ground her hips into his stomach. His erection pressed on her ass cheeks and he made a noise that was something between a whimper and a grunt. His hands moved down to hold her hips and one slipped down and gave her throbbing clit a gentle tug. She threw her head back and let out a cry at the sensation. He continued the slow rubbing while his mouth moved to her other breast, tugging and sucking at the neglected nipple. She drew in a sharp breath and grasped his shoulders as if they were the only things keeping her grounded.

Eventually Simon had enough of the taunting and with one swift movement he lifted her hips and guided his straining cock to her waiting center. She let out a gentle sigh as she sank herself deep onto him, closing her eyes with pleasure and clenching her muscles around him. He began a gentle rocking motion that she matched, their bodies moving as one.

His hands slid up and down her waist and suddenly she was seeing Sark’s hands caressing her skin, his slender fingers flicking lightly over her taut nipples and swollen breasts. Her dark eyes met his ice blue ones and she was startled to see the stormy desire clouding them. She ran her hands up his lithe body and drug her hands through the short blonde curls, setting them in a haphazard style that she found so attractive. He began thrusting in a furious manner and she met his hips with hers in an almost violent way. His thumb moved back to her aching clit and began to rub in a sensual mode. Her breath hitched in her throat as she felt the fire build and she leaned her head down to capture that adorably crooked lower lip in her teeth. He responded by plunging his tongue into her mouth and she moaned his name into his mouth.

The eyes looking back at her were now dark and passionate, and the hair was no longer soft and curly under her fingers, but course and straight. She realized that she had opened her eyes and she saw Simon, not Sark, but all thought escaped her as her climax hit and her mind seemed to rocket out of control. Vaguely she heard a faint yell and her back arched as he came deep within her, but she was spinning out of control and flying. The sensation felt like she was floating higher and higher and damn it she couldn’t stop…

With a deep shuddering breath she collapsed on her lover’s chest, panting for air. His arms came around and hands entwined in her hair and she could hear him gulping in the air just as frantically as she was. They stayed anchored to each other until their bodies came back to Earth, the smell of sex and sweat pervading the room. Finally Simon pulled her up until her head rested on his shoulder and kissed her damp forehead.

“You’re right; possessiveness is sexy.” And with that, he fell into a deep slumber.


Well, fuck, she thought again, looking down at his still form.

She waited, as always, until his chest rose and fell in a fairly usual pattern of deep sleep, then slid herself off and went to sit by the window. The sun was setting quickly and even though it was still warm she felt a chill run through her naked body.

She had just had the most amazing sex of her life and it was with a sexy master thief while her mind imagined it was a gorgeous international assassin.

Maybe that was the problem I had with Vaughn, she smirked to herself. Instead of dreaming about him, I should have been thinking about Sark. Maybe then I would have actually had an orgasm instead of having to fake them… She shook the thought out of her head.

She laid her head against the glass and stared out at the city bathed in red by the setting sun. Had this been an ordinary meeting, she would have waited for cover of darkness, then slipped away, leaving a note with a contact number for him. That was the way they lived their lives; success teamed with intense physical pleasure but nothing more.

But it was no longer ordinary. She had broken her own rule and fed his need of her. Their game had become about control, her control. He couldn’t get enough of her and as long as she had that power over him, he was at her mercy. He loved her and if she could deny him the simple emotion of love, she would break him. Love, her mind had scorned months ago. Love is weakness. Sydney’s love destroyed her. Julia lived without love; she was a woman of passion, fire and pain…

She sighed and made her way back to the bed, darkness creeping into the room. She laid herself carefully against the sleeping man; he unconsciously pulled her closer to him. She lay still for a second, then closed her eyes, letting the weariness take her away.

Control be damned. With this night, it was no longer a game.

Chapter #7

Weiss was checking her gun when she emerged from the bathroom dressed, as the cliché said, to kill. Leather, of course. It may be constraining, but it was the tightness that made it an asset. It had just enough give to let her move around comfortably, but it was tight enough that she was able to squeeze out of tough situations without a piece of material getting caught. She also liked the way the silky material clung to her curves. Not too many people could wear leather the way she could; like it had been made exclusively for her. It also helped that Simon liked it so much…

Weiss glanced up from the weaponry laid out on the table and snorted. “Nice outfit, Bristow. Are we on a mission for the CIA or looking to have some fun in one of Berlin’s most exclusive nightclubs?”

She said nothing but extended her middle finger and turned to make sure her makeup and outfit were perfect. She wore her hair natural; it now fell down to the middle of her back, curling in a haphazard manner. She wore little makeup except around her eyes, which were outlined with dark eyeliner and smoky shadow. Her lips shone with simple gloss, which made them all the more alluring. Her eyes traveled down to make sure her outfit was flawless. Her bodice was a striking white, and it clung to her torso like a second skin. The tie in front was tied loosely so that a simple tug would expose her soft breasts underneath. The skirt was seamless and skintight. It fell to mid-thigh, where an inch of flesh peeked out, and the rest of her leg covered with black f*ck-me hooker boots. The usual black jacket completed the ensemble. She shook her hair out and turned back to her partner, who rolled his eyes at her primping.

“Jesus, you’d think you were going out on a hot date instead of a mission,” he said.

She pouted out her bottom lip and leaned over the small table. “What makes you think I’m not, Weiss-y?”

He rolled his eyes again. “There’re how many million people in L.A. and I get stuck with you to be my partner.” He stuck his tongue out at her.

She burst out laughing. “All right, funny guy, enough jokes. Ready to roll?”

He loaded the gun in his hand and handed it to her saying, “Same routine as usual. Actually, tonight’s pretty easy, because we knew ahead of time what you’d be doing this time around. The Covenant,” he gave her a small knife, which she tucked behind her back, “needs a certain encryption to decipher some formula, blah, blah, blah, take over the world. It can only be accessed on some college computer geek’s laptop, because he is the one who created it. Now, the hard part is, the German government got wind of what he’s been doing, so they have him in protective custody in the country somewhere. You guys’ll be breaking in and downloading the encryption key to hand it over to the bigwigs. Now, your job,” he handed her a tiny floppy disk, “is to stick this disk in. It’ll corrupt the file so badly that even Marshall shouldn’t be able to retrieve it. But the genius apparently is, it’ll look like you’re doing the downloading. Simon gives it to his bosses, they plug it into their computer and poof, they’ll have a fake key and a virus to boot!”

She took the disk dutifully. “Do you have any idea what you just said?”

“Not a clue.”

She smiled and tucked the disk into an inner pocket of the jacket. “So we’re all set?”

Syd had turned to leave, but Weiss’s silence caused her to turn and look at her partner. He was sitting at the table, a small frown on his face. “What?”

He looked at her. “Syd, I…”

“Eric, is something wrong?”

He closed his eyes in frustration. “I…forget it, Syd. It’s not important.”

She looked hard at him. “No, something’s wrong. You sound like Vaughn does when he’s trying to hide something. Tell me.”

He shook his head, but suddenly looked up and grinned wickedly at her. “You know Bristow, if you ever leave the CIA, you’d definitely make it as a professional ‘escort’,” he ducked from the pillow she whipped off the bed and threw at him. “Be good tonight, Bristow.”

She flashed him a smile from the door. “I always am, Weiss.”


The jeep bounced viciously out of the pothole, causing her to slam her shoulder into the door. She winced and aimed a kick at Javier, who was driving. Her foot caught him in the side and he jerked the wheel first left, then right to avoid hitting a tree. The three passengers were thrown about the interior of the vehicle. “You JACKASS, are you trying to kill us?”

“Now, now pet, he’s doing the best he can, and well, you did kick him, causing him to drive so badly.” Simon chided from somewhere under her. She had been comfortably settled on his lap and they were quietly kissing when she had been so rudely displaced. She shifted and allowed Simon to sit up and settle her back onto him, shooting daggers into the rearview mirror. The cold eyes looking back at her reflected her hatred.

Simon’s fingers traced the skin peeking through the hem of her bodice. “Now,” he murmured, bringing her lips down to his, “where were we?”

She slid her hands around his neck and under his collar as she kissed him deeply. The night could not have been more perfect. Simon’s eyes had nearly popped out of their sockets when she sauntered into their safe house. If the other two men hadn’t been around, she was sure she could have distracted Simon enough from the entire job. They had settled for the gentle play in the backseat while they drove to the German government complex where they would be working tonight.

A boundary had been crossed within the last few days. Normally they would flirt during missions, then go back and f*ck each other to death. But since that morning she had sought him out, their relationship had changed. They had spent two more days in that hotel room, occasionally having sex, but more often then not just laying around and cuddling, much like they were now. She had at first been harsh towards his tenderness, biting and clutching him hard until she had left bruises. But eventually she would tire out, and let herself submit to his comforting hands. She didn’t want to admit to herself that she had lost control, but Simon’s thumb was doing very naughty things to the inside of her thigh and she couldn’t quite keep her mind on the business at hand.

Simon’s fingers slipped a little bit higher up her skirt when he suddenly groaned into her mouth. “No panties, Julia?? What are you doing to me?”

“No lines, love. Besides,” she caught his hand before he could do anything and pulled it out, “a little extra incentive for tonight.”

He growled in frustration and closed his eyes, letting his head fall back against the seat. She giggled and leaned down to kiss him again, but she was thrown forward as the jeep abruptly stopped.

“We’re here.” Javier said.

She looked out the front window. The building ahead was a one-story cement block. It sat in the middle of a small clearing surrounded by the thick brush they had been driving through. She estimated there was about five feet of open grass. Certainly not trying to blend in to the surroundings, now are they? she thought wryly.

“Come on, babe.” Simon pulled her out the door and encircled her waist with his hands. She heard Javier make a derogatory comment in Spanish under his breath and Avery sniggered loudly. Simon backhanded him to make him shut up.

“Right. You know how it goes. Get in and out as fast as we can. We get split up, meet at the safehouse. Let’s roll.”


Looking back, she should have seen it coming. Getting in had been simple: there were two guards, easily taken down by Avery’s skilled hand. Surprisingly, there were no other people around, and they made their way through the complex easily. Once they found the room where the student was being held, she quietly picked the lock and slipped in by herself.

A skinny dark boy was staring at a computer screen when he finally noticed he wasn’t alone. He made a few weak protests in German, and made to stand up, but she was ready for him. One shot from the tranquilizer gun and he fell in a heap on the small cot behind him.

“Sorry, kid. Just doing my job,” she mumbled under her breath. She sat at the computer, placed the disk into the drive, and went through the commands Marshall had taught her. She tapped her fingers nervously while waiting for the files to upload. Something didn’t feel right. They had gotten by too easily. She just wanted to finish and get the hell out of there.

The computer made a dinging noise, indicating that it had finished the upload. She slid the disk back into her pocket, then for good measure, she closed the laptop and brought her leg down right in the middle of it, causing the table and machine to break. She slipped back out the door to meet with her team.

“Let’s get the hell out of here,” she murmured at the surprised looks on their faces. They made no argument, but quickly ran for the exit. They had made it to the door of the complex when Avery cried out and grabbed his shoulder. She could see the blood seeping through his fingers, but had no time to register when another bullet embedded itself in the wall near her head.

“It’s a trap!” Javier yelled. He pulled out his gun and ducked to the right side, behind a crate and began to shoot. She mimicked his actions, flying behind a desk as half a dozen soldiers came running out of the hallway. She didn’t think, but began to shoot blindly at anything black. She rolled over farther into the darkness of the room and took aim behind a divider. She could make out Avery leaning against the exit door, clutching his shoulder. Beside him was Simon, fighting with one of the soldiers for his gun. Four of them lay motionless on the floor and she could see the other one looking her way. She ducked down before he shot, but another blast rang out and as she looked up again, the man lay at her feet with a hole in his head. Javier was curtly nodding at her across the room, threw away his useless gun, and ran out the open door.

Simon finished grappling with the last one for his gun and jammed the butt of the semi-automatic weapon into the other man’s chin. He fell back, and that gave Simon a chance to grab Avery by his good arm and propel him to the door. Javier was already at the vehicle, starting it. “Julia, let’s go!” Simon yelled and she ran over, but the last guard, who had only been dazed by the hit to his head, grabbed her leg. She fell hard and bashed her head into a desk. The last soldier managed to take advantage of her dazed situation and pinned her arms over her head while he pulled out another gun. She heard a roar, and turned her head to see Simon running from the car to help her. She could see lights moving outside and screamed, “Simon, forget about me! I can take care of myself, I’ll meet you at the hotel. GO!” Her last shout was punctuated by a hard punch to the jaw of the man on top of her and he fell off of her, dropping his gun. While he scrambled around to grab at it, she pulled the knife hidden in the small of her back and stabbed the man in the gut. He fell with a choking gasp.

She stood shakily. From the open door she could hear shouts. She decided not to risk using that exit, but ran back down the hallway, looking for a door that was open. Finally she found one, ducked into the pitch-black room and threw the deadbolt. She pressed herself against the door and listened. She heard heavy boots run by and lots of cursing; she assumed they found what she had done with the kid and the computer. From the sounds of it, none of the first rounds of guards had lived and she heard one man in particular curse loudly that the vehicle had gotten away. Another man commented that all of them were gone, but they couldn’t have gotten too far. The loud man yelled for the men to get back to their jeeps and find the criminals. Soon there was a deathly quiet, but she stayed pressed to the door listening, until she was sure that no noise had been made for five minutes.

A cold wind and the feeling that she was being watched made the hairs at the back of her neck stand up, and she drew the gun Weiss had given her from the top of her boot. She was not alone in the room. She silently slithered away from the door and faced the inside of the room, keeping her back to the wall and her gun drawn out in front of her.

She moved quietly like that for about four steps when a harsh yellow light filled the room. She blinked against the sudden brightness, but leveled her gun at the figure now standing before her.

“So nice to see you again, Agent Bristow.”


“Sark. A pleasure,” she said sourly.

He smiled disarmingly at her. She gave him an once-over. He wore his traditional black, a turtleneck sweater over casual slacks. His hair shone gold in the bad light and his eyes glowed with an eerie light. He looked like some kind of warped angel, completely surreal except for the gun he held aimed at her.

“Is it really, Agent Bristow. Why, by your tone, I would have assumed you’re not as thrilled as you’d like me to believe.” His smile widened and he took a step closer to her.

She held up her left hand. “Stop right there, Mr. Sark.”

He ignored her and took another step. “Why the formality, Sydney?”

“Don’t call me that,” she said quietly and stepped back against the wall.

Another step. “You’d rather be called Julia?” he sneered.

Another step. “Yes.”

He stopped and shrugged. She took her chance and lashed her foot out, kicking the gun out of his hand. He ducked her punch, grasped her arm and shoved her up against the wall, pressing his body against hers. She moved her right hand to press the gun to his head, but he wrestled it out of her hand and held it to her breastbone. She wriggled against him and tried to kick his legs out, but he jammed the gun harder into her skin and she stopped. “Let’s see you try to get out of this one, Julia dear.”

Her mind frantically searched for an escape route, but his warm body was distracting her. His left hand pressed into her hip and when she shifted her hips, his thigh slipped between her legs to hold her in place and damn that felt good. So she did what came naturally.

His eyes widened and he stumbled back when she pressed her weight on him. He quickly readjusted himself and slammed their bodies back into the wall, letting his arm on her hip snake around to hold her back. She kissed him roughly, opening her mouth to his tongue, letting her teeth nip at his lip. He shoved her head back forcefully and claimed her mouth as his. They fought for control until he pulled his head back, his breath coming out in harsh gasps. She ran her tongue over her bruised lips and tasted blood.

“You really thought that would work?” His words were angry and biting, but his body was still pressed into hers and his cold blue eyes were now radiating desire.

“Don’t fight it,” she breathed.

“Isn’t that lovely? The CIA now has one top agent whoring for information…”

“Don’t,” she seethed. “Julia Thorne works for herself and only herself. This has nothing to do with that.”

“Oh?” He pulled back, his hand still clenching her wrist and she relaxed her body. Her eyes swept around the room and took in her surroundings. It looked to be another holding cell, with a bare cot and a flimsy table against one wall.

“Get rid of the gun, Sark.”

“I don’t think so.”

“You want to hear anything, you throw the gun under the bed.”

“I could do that. I could also kill you.”

“You do and you’ll never find out where the encryption disk is.”

He glared at her, but lowered the gun and tossed it under the cot. He let go of her wrist and she rubbed it, backing herself up against the wall again. He leaned cautiously against the small table and gestured to her.


Chapter #8

She smoothed her hair and took a shaky breath.

“I don’t have the disk.”

He flipped his hand dismissively. “Probably no use to me anyway, now that it’s been tainted by whatever program Marshall Flinkman managed to create for you.”

“Fine,” she spat, “but I destroyed the computer and the mind that created the key. So the disk is the only chance you have.”

She struggled to keep a smooth face as he studied her. She raised her chin defiantly and he snorted. “Where’s the disk?”

“I passed it on to Walker before we were ambushed.”

He smirked at her. “Ah yes, Simon Walker, your paramour. Tell me, ah…Julia love…how does it feel to sell out your country for a good fuck?”

“I wouldn’t know. That’d be something you’d be the expert in.”

“How did you ever manage to come across him, anyway? Searching for those two lost years of yours?” his voice dripped with sarcasm.

“He came across me.”

“I’m sure he did.” He gave her an admiring look. She realized that her skirt was riding up her legs and her bodice had been loosened from her struggle with the guard. She shrugged off the jacket and threw it in the corner. “Really, though, couldn’t you have done much better, babe?”

She clenched her teeth. “Don’t call me that.”

“Sorry,” he smirked flippantly. “So, has this six month job given you any peace of mind or helped your precious government in anyway? Yes, I know how long you’ve been ‘playing’ Julia Thorne,” he said when she opened her mouth. “Just because you change your hairstyle you’re still Sydney Bristow in every other aspect. You can’t hide your walk, your talk…for those who truly know you, they are always able to sense your presence. It radiates from you, like an electric pulse. It connects us, you know. We’re always able to feel each other.”

“We have no connection, Sark. We never have and we never will. Just a twisted little dream from your twisted little mind.”

“You work for me.”

“I work indirectly for you. If I had a choice, I’d cut your balls off, but since I need the money…”

“Attractive prospect.”

“I knew you’d think so.”

“Wait a minute, my twisted little dreams? You soon forget darling, that when I held a gun to your head, I didn’t force you to kiss me. You did it of your own volition.”

She shrugged. “I did what I had to do to survive. I’m still alive, aren’t I?”

“Yes, you are. Though I’m not sure why. You haven’t offered me anything worthwhile to ensure your safety.”

“I suppose we’ll just have to remedy that, won’t we?”

“I suppose we will.”

She pushed herself off the wall and made to stand in front of him. He made no move, just studied her with his arms crossed over his chest. She placed her hands on his hips and drew herself into his warmth. She lifted her head up to brush his lips with hers and murmured, “Rules…”

“Now, how are we to have any type of fun if you’re giving us rules, love?” He nipped at her bottom lip.

She ran her tongue over his lips. “Rule One: No fun allowed.”

“Damn women, taking control…”

“Shut up, Sark.”

“So,” he nibbled on her jaw line, “I guess I have to contend with being the submissive one here.”

“I guess you will.”

“Nice game you have here, Bristow.”

“It’s all a game, Sark. This life we live, it’s a game. We’re who they make us be. And that brings us to Rule Two: You’re Sark, I’m Julia. I hear any other name coming from those lips, and the world will not be blessed with any Sark spawn.”

He chuckled against her cheek, “So, I’d presume I’ll have to beg to get you to do anything, right?”

She traced the outline of his ear with her tongue. “You’d presume right. And don’t limit your range of possibilities, Sark. I have a very fluid definition of ‘anything’.”


They stayed like this for countless minutes: her holding his hips, he with his arms enfolding his chest; both gently nuzzling each other’s faces. She was dying to kiss him like they had before, but she held herself back. Let him beg for it, she thought. Make him be the weak one for once in his life.



He brought his lips back to hers. “Kiss me.”

She nuzzled his cheek. “No.”

He sucked in a sharp breath. “Kiss. Me.”

“Ask nicely.”

“Fine. Kiss me please, you teasing bitch."

She smiled and slid her tongue across his lips. He opened his mouth to her and she plunged her tongue in to play with his. Her hands tightened on his hips, but his stayed firmly across his chest. She tried to pry them apart, but much like a stubborn child, he refused.

“Say please,” he spoke into her mouth.

“Like hell I will.”

“You’re not playing the game, love.”

“My game, my rules. Move your damned arms.”

“I distinctly remember only two rules and I don’t remember one about moving my arms.”

She pulled her head back and smiled at him. “All right, Sark.” Suddenly she leaned in, captured his mouth again, and slid her hand down his pants to cup his erection. He jerked and groaned against her mouth, lifting his hips to her hand.

She broke the kiss but left her lips on his. “Move the f*cking arms, or I’ll move my hand.”

“Not a serious threat.”

She stroked him harder and the sound emitting from his lips was akin to a whimper. “Sure about that?”


“I’ll stop on the count of three: one…”

“Not interested…”


“You wouldn’t dare…”

“Three.” Her hand stopped stroking and made to move out of his pants, but his arms quickly uncrossed and wrapped around to cup her ass. He pinned her to his body so her hand was trapped in his pants.

“Bitch,” he grazed her neck with his lips.

“Ass,” her thumb flicked over the head of his dick.

“You really are a sweet talker,” his teeth nibbled over the top of her breasts.

“I know what assassins like to hear,” her other hand slid under his shirt and tugged at his nipple.

“I assume then, that Agent Vaughn hasn’t heard the filth that comes from those luscious lips,” his teeth found the ties on her bodice and with one tug, her breasts were freed to press against his chest.

“Shut up, Sark. In fact, Rule Three: no talking for the duration of our time together,” her fingers scraped the underside of his hardness; he sucked in a harsh breath.

“No fair, making up rules in the middle of the game,” his tongue was doing very nice things to her left nipple.

“What are you, Sark, five? My game, my-.” Her words were cut off by his mouth, which had moved off her breast to kiss her again. She took her hands from his pants and wrapped them around his neck, pressing him back into the table. The bodice rustled as it fell off her body and to the floor. He sat himself on the table and brought her hips up to straddle his own. Her knees settled on the surface on either side of his body so her pelvis pressed hard into his. One hand lazily traced up her thigh and slid under her skirt; he laughed low in his throat when his fingers met with wet hot skin.

“My, my, aren’t we rebellious tonight,” his thumb pressed her aching clit.

“Underwear is much too confining for security missions,” her hands slid under his sweater and stroked hard muscle.

“Aw, and I thought this was just for me,” one hand shed her of the skirt while the other slid a finger into her tight waiting entrance.

“Sorry to disappoint, angel,” a simple tug and the sweater added to the growing pile of clothes on the floor.

“My expectations were never so high, love,” another finger slipped in to fill her more as his lips moved down to pamper the neglected nipples.

“And now they’ve changed,” her hands frantically grasped at the zipper of his slacks.

“Well now that depends,” he supported her body as he stood and let the final barrier fall; a flick of his legs disentangled them from his pants.

“On?” her fingers gripped his shoulders as her hips rocked into his hand.

“How good the final product really is,” he forced her eyes to meet his and saw the hazy desire glow in her amber orbs. As he settled himself back on the table, he guided her onto his waiting cock and filled her deeply.

“Oh…” her eyes closed and head flew back involuntarily.

He let her adjust to the feeling of him inside before he began slow upward thrusts. When she brought her head forward and let their foreheads meet, he pulled the fingers that were still buried in her to his lips. She saw her own wetness glistening on them before his tongue darted out to lap them clean. His eyes, a brilliant sapphire, burned into hers with a fierce intensity that matched her own. His thrusts became harder and she coordinated hers in time with his so their bodies rocked in perfect unison. She leaned her body back slightly and cupped her own breasts; his hands were occupied on her hips at the moment. She circled the nipples with her thumbs and gasped at the shock coursing through her. He bent his head down and nuzzled the sensitive skin between them, laying tiny bites to her flushed body. Whimpers started at the back of her throat, quickly growing to intense cries of ecstasy. His husky growls grew deeper and harsher as he increased his thrusts. She felt fire and lightning crash deep inside of her and when his finger found the place where their bodies joined and flicked, the flames burst and the thunder shook her and rocketed her body out of control. Her mind passed the realm of heaven and earth and entered a universe where she floated and flew and dove, where light blinded her eyes and the sudden loss of air made her breathless beyond control. In the distance she heard a shaking cry, and there was another explosion deep inside her, and she brought him up with her to that rapturous heaven.

When her eyes could focus and her mind returned to earth, she realized she was leaning against his heaving chest. He held her tightly in his arms, waiting for her body to stop shuddering, still fitted inside of her. She held her head up to meet his gaze.

“Final results?” her forehead rested against his.

“More intelligence needed,” his lips grazed her shoulder.

“Not a chance in hell,” her hand smoothing the wild curls at the base of his neck.

“We didn’t even break the damned table,” his voice low and laughing.

She brought his chin up and pressed a kiss to his swollen lips. He leaned back to absorb her body when she heard a creak and the table underneath shuddered. He barely had time to stand before it crashed into splintery pieces. Unfortunately, the extra weight propelled him too far forward and they landed in a heap on the tiny cot.

“Yes we did,” she giggled, her hands scraping her back.

“Think we could do the cot next,” he slid his hands up and down her torso.

“You can’t be serious,” she let her tongue trace the hollow in his neck.

“Don’t fight it,” he breathed.

She opened her mouth to retort, but her words were cut off by a gasp. His fingers had found her sensitive clit again and were languidly sliding around in a sensual pattern. She gripped his neck, brought his head to hers and kissed him hungrily. He met her lips with equal passion and his fingers slid down to glide inside of her while his thumb kept the casual pace on her clit. She ran one hand down to his semi-hard cock and began to stroke at the same rate. Her fingers slid over him, feeling the warm wetness from the last time.

“Enough,” he gasped, breaking from her lips and catching her hand in his. This time he brought sticky fingers to her lips and she sucked eagerly. He nudged her legs apart a bit farther and she wrapped them around his hips, opening herself to him. As he slowly entered her again, he brought his hands up to cradle her face. He gently rained kisses on her nose, her cheeks, her chin, her eyelids, her forehead, finally her lips as he pushed himself deep within her tight warm recess. Her mouth opened to cry, but no sound came out and her eyelids fluttered. This time, the rhythm started slow and stayed the same pace, neither wanting to expedite their orgasm. He fit so perfect, lifted her so gently and soothingly, she lost herself to his body once again.


More…yes…like that.

No…don’t stop.

Touch me…Sark…now…



Nothing more was said; nothing more was needed.


When she finally was able to comprehend her surroundings, she lay on her side with him pressed up against her back, stroking her hair. She closed her eyes and reveled in the simple pleasure of being held. He nuzzled her neck with his nose and nibbled the soft skin. She brought her hand up to link with his fingers on her upper arm.


“Don’t say it.”

“I have to go; Simon will worry. He’ll come looking.”

He said nothing.

She crawled from his embrace and gathered her clothes strewn around the room. She kept her back to him while she dressed, even though she could feel his eyes watching her every move. She walked to the door and pressed her ear to it, straining for any sound of a guard. When she figured it was all clear, she opened the door, but was stopped by a hand on her arm.

“You forgot this,” her gun was thrust into her hand.

“Thank you,” she still didn’t turn around.

He gathered her into his arms again, resting her back against his chest and laying his chin on her head. Let me go, her heart begged, before the tears start falling and I’m never able to stop.

He just held her, her body snuggled against his, eyes never meeting. Stop making me try to love you! It’s too damned late! her heart screamed. Finally she stepped from his body. His arms stayed gently on her shoulders.

“It would have been impossible anyway,” her voice broke.

“Yes, I suppose it would,” his was low, tightly controlled.

“Don’t make me regret this,” begging now.

“Never,” trembling.

“I have to go,” fighting the tears.

“I know” choking softly.

A gentle kiss, pressed to her temple. “Go to him, Julia.”

She broke from his hands and ran blindly down the hall, out the door, through the woods, towards Simon. She never even noticed when the tears started.

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