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The end of an era...


No, I'm not quitting on LJ. I really like it too much to give it up, even if I rarely update it anymore. I try. I really, really do, but it's hard with my schedule and my 'experiencing life' experiment. You know, the effort to make me less anti-social and more outgoing. It's working well right now, but then again I've only given it a couple weeks. Whoosh.

Anyway, I'm probably going to be making most of my entries 'Friends Only' from now on. Why? Because I'm going to be posting my fics up here and I'm leery about random people reading my junk. Honestly, I have little confidence in my writing, even when people tell me I'm 'so good, plz post more soon, lolololol, awesome, OMG you rock, etc...' I didn't start writing for praise but you get some and it's like a drug. An evil addictive drug, but one with really good side-effects.

So...yeah. There's not much else to say. Give me a shout if you want to be added to my list. I'm not too picky about my friends. And hey, to my old friends, if you don't like my fics, too bad for you. Don't flame me. I don't like that. Warning though. They are all NC-17. For some reason I can't write anything but. Oh I probably could, but...nah. Who knows, I get all sorts of weird ideas floating around my head and one night I might just up and write something just to get it out of my brain. I like writing. It soothes. Plus, it's fun. I always have ideas.

I'd comment on Sunday night's Alias, but I'm still a little pissed about it, and I can't spin any of it very well. I leave the spinning to the professionals. It just disgusts me how they're assassinating Sark's character like that. I love him, and for a while he's been the only saving grace while the rest of the show falls into the Triangle of Boredom. My only hope is that he's truly, truly playing with Lauren and we'll see it all unfold at the end of the season. I'm a realistic Sarkney shipper: I know the show won't go as far as I have in fandom world, but I've enjoyed the flirtations and the sexual tension they share. But I am a Sarkaholic first and foremost, and seeing him practically wet himself over Lauren? That is not Sark. Vaughn, maybe (gee, can you tell I don't like that pansy-assed whipped boy at all?), but NOT SARK. And that's why I still cling to this shred of hope. Because if Sark ends up this way and gets played by Cole and Lauren and the rest of the Covenant, I will give up the show. It's like...if CSI ever went the way of the G/S shippers, I would give that up too. And believe me, CSI's done some pretty wacked-stuff for me to hang on.

Okay, this is long now. Au revoir!!

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