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oh my god you guys more fic (lol can you believe i wrote this?)

Title: The Fine Art of Interrogation
Author: auchic
Pairing/Character: Logan/Lamb, with mentions of Logan/Veronica, Lamb/Veronica
Word Count: 1132
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers/Timeline/Warning: Alternate version of a scene from 'Leave it to Beaver.' WARNING: nasty and disturbing subject matter ahead. Proceed with caution.
Disclaimer: Not mine. Never mine. Rob Thomas, I bow to your infinite greatness and can only hope to bring some odd life to your characters. Oh, and Sark is mine. Not that that's relevant in every fic, but I gotta make sure people know.

Summary: “That’s what she does to you, isn’t it? The sound of her voice, the tilt of her head, a flick of her hair and you’re ready to come in your pants. Believe me, I know.”

Kudos: to the Bec, my Becca, my darling, my angel, even though she dislikes that I've crossed over to the darkside, she still supports me. Love you, babe.

Strange, but somehow Lamb knows that the Echolls kid’s one call was going to be to her. He doesn’t believe in fucking karma or that other bullshit but somehow it seems fitting that these two are dating or fucking or whatever it may be. He likes to think he knows the little bitch well enough to know she needs someone with as smart a mouth as hers.

He waits until Echolls hangs up the phone and sits back down before he starts. “‘Veronica magic?’ Think she can pull a rabbit out of her hat and get your ass out of here?”

The kid has the audacity to shoot him a smart-ass smirk. “I’ve heard of ‘Good Cop,’ and ‘Bad Cop,’ but never ‘Dumb Cop’ before. Or is ‘ignorant and slack-jawed’ now a job requirement for you fellas?”

Definitely too much of her influence.

“Looks really good for you, you know,” Lamb settles back in his chair, crosses his arms over his chest. “Your girlfriend, getting you out of your jams. Almost better than a lawyer; hell, you could keep her on retainer for all your future fuck ups. You know: payment for services rendered.”

Echolls just giggles, like he’s so fucking carefree and untroubled, but he’s been doing this job for a long time and he can see the worry lines on the kid’s face. He loves a little stress to shake things up. Then he knows how far to push. He leans over the table and looks the kid in the eye. “I bet she’s good to keep around for a lot of things.”

Silence, and then BAM-Echolls explodes, shoving the table away from him and standing so quickly the chair drops. He stands too, waiting to see how far this can go. “Fuck you, Sheriff,” Logan Echolls spits the first word at him, pacing back and forth, rage seeping from him like sweat. “Y’know, I’m usually a pretty nice guy. You can talk shit about my dad, my friends, my sister-hell with that bitch it’s a given-but there are two things you never touch: my mother,” hurt now sparking in the furious eyes, “and my girlfriend. You have issues with Veronica, I suggest you keep them to yourself.”

This is too good not to push. “Aw come on,” Lamb mock casually drawls, walking around the table to the kid’s side, “I mean, you brought her in here. I’m sure she’s excellent at all the things she does, whether it’s catching the bad guys or,” he leans so close he can smell Echolls’ anger, “performing tricks on her knees.”

He’s anticipating the swing-hell, he orchestrated it- and so it’s easy to catch the boy’s forearm in mid-flight and use it to propel the little bastard back against the wall. He crushes the kid up hard, the right arm twisted behind, and he maneuvers his knee between Echolls’ legs to keep him in place. He bends his head low near the boy’s ear. “Is she really worth an assault charge?”

Echolls turns his face and their cheeks brush against each other. “You don’t know the half of it, Sheriff.

“Oh, I know more than you think,” he murmurs, then he shifts and grabs Echolls’ cock through his pants. The kid’s half hard already and with a few strokes, it swells and jerks under his hands. “That’s what she does to you, isn’t it? The sound of her voice, the tilt of her head, a flick of her hair and you’re ready to come in your pants. Believe me, I know.”

Echolls groans, then laughs low in his throat. “Well, well, well, our illustrious sheriff has a little Lolita complex.” The kid’s knee moves up and nudges Lamb’s own crotch, rubs up hard against his own erection. When he jerks, the kid’s left hand comes down to cup him, matching the strokes he’s been giving to Echolls. “Doesn’t even take her voice for you, does it, Deputy? All you gotta hear is her name…” it ends with a hiss as Lamb palms the full length harder.

For a few breathless moments they stand there silently, stroking each other through their pants. Lamb can feel the boy’s breath on his cheek, and every time either of them exhales their lips brush each other’s face. Suddenly Echolls’ tongue flicks the corner of his mouth, causing him to drop the kid’s arm. “You fucking pervert,” Echolls’ groans, his free hand cupping Lamb’s balls and squeezing them. “She’s not 18 yet, you disgusting prick.”

“That’s never stopped you,” Lamb says, moving his own hand to fondle Echolls in the same way. He tilts his face so their lips meet, but he makes no attempts to press further. “You can’t tell me you haven’t fantasized about fucking her. Haven’t ever entertained the thought of bending her over a table and taking her from behind. You treat her like she’s spun glass and at the same time you wanna make her scream and come like crazy.”

He thrusts his hips into Echolls’ hand, the images from his words shooting fire through his blood and straight to his cock. The kid’s panting, thrusting back and he’s moved one hand to Lamb’s ass to push him back harder. “You don’t…know…what you’re talking about, fucker,” Echolls mutters.

“You know what I wanna see,” Lamb answers, running his teeth over the kid’s lips. “That little blonde bitch on her knees, sucking me off.” Logan groans and Lamb rubs and thrusts. “I can almost feel that smart mouth wrapped around my cock, with those red lips and those big eyes looking up at me.” He gives the kid a very deliberate upstroke. “Tell me you don’t picture that.”

Echolls jerks, cries out and Lamb feels him spasm and ejaculate, soaking the front of his pants. He squeezes as he comes and with that final pressure Lamb climaxes himself, his knees weak from the force of release. They catch their breaths for a second, still pressed up against each other, until Logan shoves him away and moves back into the corner, his back to the rest of the room. Lamb adjusts his crotch, grimacing at the mess he now had to contend with. He’s making sure there’s no visible sign on the outside of his clothes when the kid speaks. “Either arrest or charge me, or I’m calling my fucking lawyer,” he says, voice husky.

“Don’t worry,” Lamb replies. “I’m done with you.”

He opens the door to leave, but he can’t resist the final shot. “By the way,” he turns back, but Echolls doesn’t bother looking up. “Thought you might like to know that Veronica Mars was the one who turned you in.”

He stays long enough to enjoy the sight of Echolls’ eyes shoot up and flickering with emotion before leaving the room.

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