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An anonymeme to start the day!

So, I've been noticing a lot of anonymemes out there lately, mostly (okay, all of them) having to do with fandom.

Well, mine isn't fandom, persay, unless you're the type that fandoms celebrity babies, but fueled by the very recent release of this month's Vanity Fair cover shot, showing Tom Cruise (ick), Katie Holmes (meh) and their spawn, plus the slog of blogs that are determined to denounce the baby as a fake (as in not TomKat's child, not as in an actual fake baby. Do such things exist?), I present to you:

What Did Suri Cruise Ever Do To You?

Go on, everyone vent about what makes you hate baby Suri with such fiery passion (of a thousand flaming nuns). Make it anonymous, IP logging is off, etc. Have at!

Oh, and pimp liek mad.

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