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Second one for lunasky's challenge.

Vaughn sat morosely, listening to the guard ramble on about the rules and schedule, but he wasn't really listening closely because he was dwelling on his own unhappy thoughts.

How was he supposed to know that trying to kill Sark would get him arrested? Okay, so he put Sydney's life in danger too, but that was pure accident. Well, maybe not pure. Okay, more like impure. Because he found out that she'd been sneaking around with Sark for months now. How could she do that to them? Didn't she know that Sydney and Vaughn were meant to be together forever?

And then when the police found out he had killed his own wife and burned down the house, they arrested him like that, and he was convicted for murder, attempted murder and arson and sentenced to 25 years to life. So now here he was in his new home, waiting for the guard to finish so he could go to his new cells.

Everyone stood up and Vaughn followed until they led him to a big open area with glassed-in cells and tons of criminals eyeing the new meat. The bars behind him slammed shut.

"Welcome to Oz," the guard said.

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