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look! i CAN update

I come bearing drabble.

Title: Nine Tenths Isn't Always Enough
Fandom: GG
WC: 499
Rating, spoilers and the other junk: R, none, and of course I don't own it.

You tell yourself you shouldn’t enjoy her so much since, in all fairness, she’s not really yours.

-Creamy skin that’s lighter than it should be, feels like silk flowing through your fingers-

Maybe it’s the newness of this latest toy that gets you so excited about playing with it. Like the first car your father got you, the one you drove so much you wore it out in months. Like that car, she’s so new and virtually untouched, it gives you a giddy feeling inside.

-Her hair fanned out underneath her, glowing like amber wine, brilliant against dark blue cotton-

And it isn’t as if she ISN’T yours, as much as one person can lay claim to another. She’s here isn’t she, and every time you touch her she melts a little more, gives you more to have.

-When she arches, her breasts brush against you and you run a hand up to cup one, savouring the sensation and the sound and the feeling-

But if she’s yours, then you are hers, and while the thought warms you it scares you more. The best thing to do would be to give up before you both succumb completely.

-Her hands are in your hair, running down your back as you move in her, touching more frantically as her climax builds-

But you don’t want to give her up. You’ve always been selfish about your things, hating to share anything you really didn’t have to. Unless you had something else to draw your attention, you’re not about to give up anything.

-She gasps in your ear, her legs tight around your hips, her torso slick and hot beneath you-

You’re smart enough, though, to know that even if you tried to, giving her up would be near impossible. You used to pride yourself on the battles more than the spoils of war, the chase being the prize more than the actual winnings were. Settling down was, to you, the end of the game. And you’d be damned if you were done playing now.

-Her breath is like a brush of fire across your neck when she moans your name, her voice shaky-

The idea of her with someone else makes you ill. You’ve made claim and your possessiveness is legendary, but you know it can only go so far before she expects it to work both ways. Then again, you don’t know what you’d do if she didn’t.

-Her nails bite the skin of your shoulders when you bend your head and take one pouty nipple between your lips-

Your friends are making bets about you, your regular entourage of girls was diminishing day by day, your entire world feels like it’s been turned upside down and yet, with all your protests and qualms, the only thing that seemed to keep you sane these days was being with her.

-She stiffens and cries out in rapture when she comes and your mind clears of everything as you follow; everything except…


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