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Drabble # 3

Alright, she didn't request this, but I wrote this silly little thing for Becca, after a convo we had last night. Way too much fun I had writing this.

Title: The Idea They Scrapped
Fandom: Gilmore Girls. Colin/Finn with a little Rory/Logan on the side.
Word Count: 490

They hung back as Logan stood stunned, watching a cheerful Richard walk off.

Finn was the first to break. “Shall we check if he’s still breathing?”

“I think he’ll be fine,” Colin remarked, taking a sip of his coffee. “Damn, but I never would have thought the reporter girl would have had it in her.”

“And see, what I don’t understand,” Finn started, a touch of annoyance in his voice, “was why she singled Huntzberger out for this? I mean, you and I were just as much a part of the whole thing as he was.”

“Hey, you’re right!” Colin crooked an eyebrow, mirth covering his face. “And it wasn’t like you two had the embarrassing part at all; I was the one who burst into the class playing the rejected suitor, remember? You two had it pretty easy, in my opinion.”

“Very true,” Finn agreed. “Besides, Logan should not get all the credit. It wasn’t as if it was all his idea.”

“Actually it was.”


“It was Logan’s idea.”

“You lie! It was my idea!”

“No no. You came up with the idea for a public spectacle. Logan planned the specifics.”

Finn looked confused. “Then what was my idea? Because I’m certain I had one.”

“Your idea involved a threesome. Little shaky on details. You were passed four vodka in an hour at that point.”

“Oh right!” Finn looked slightly gleeful. “Refresh-why did we reject my idea? If I recall, it was a pretty good one.”

“I think Logan didn’t believe you could pull off bi-sexual convincingly enough. He called you a man-whore. Exact words.”

Finn looked affronted. “He said that? How dare he! Just because I happen to be somewhat popular with ladies-“

Colin choked on his coffee.

“Fine, extremely popular with ladies-does not mean that I couldn’t make myself convincingly gay. I’m sure there are many lads on campus who would find me attractive. Don’t you think?” He turned to Colin.

“Oh yeah,” Colin agreed with a straight face. “You’re just gorgeous.”

“Give it up, child, I know you’ve had the hots for me for years.” Finn waggled his eyebrows.

“You’re right,” Colin chucked his coffee cup in a garbage can, then held his arms out to Finn. “Take me, you handsome exotic Aussie stud!”

“With pleasure,” Finn grabbed the other man, swung him down and planted his lips on Colin’s for a big smacking wet kiss.

“Ahem,” they looked up to find Logan glaring at them with his hands on his hips. “Are you two quite done?”

“I don’t know, are we, darling?” Finn asked.

“I am if you are, sweetheart,” Colin laughed back.

Finn swung him up. Logan rolled his eyes at the both of them. “Come on; we’ve got some serious planning to do. Rory Gilmore’s gonna find out what happens when you play with the big boys.” He turned and stalked off.

Finn turned to Colin. “Well, he’s not coming to the wedding now.”

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