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Drabble # 1-CSI

Okay, this first one was for powerof3, who wanted CSI, with the line "I’ve seen more than you can imagine, but that was something new to me too" said by either Grissom or Warrick.

When I first wrote this, it was funnier and of a totally different plot, but I just had this kind of hit me and I wanted to do it. I'm not really a G/C shipper, not romantically, but I love their friendship relationship more than anything, and that's what I really wanted to capture. This is my first CSI too, so eek.

Title: Leaving It All Behind
Fandom: CSI
Word Count: 400

She had clocked out and was gathering her things to leave when she spotted him, sitting in his office. He was diligently doing paperwork and everything appeared normal, but she could see the wires from his headphones trailing down his chest. She just stood and watched for a moment before going in and sitting quietly in front of him.

It took a few moments before he realized she was there, laying down his pen and removing the headphones. She heard strains of Beethoven before he switched his player off. “I thought you’d left for the night.”

“I was,” she admitted. “But I saw you and I thought I’d ask how you’re doing.” She hesitated, then asked, “How are you doing?”

“I’m fine,” he shrugged. When she didn’t respond, he sighed and took off his glasses. “Catherine, go home and be with your daughter, okay? You don’t need to worry about me.”

“I know that,” she said. “It’s just that…there are times when I wonder if you’re dealing with it-with everything, Grissom. I mean, what we saw…sometimes you can’t just put it all aside, you know?”

They sat and looked at each other for a long moment. “It is difficult sometimes,” he started, his eyes looking down at the papers spread over his desk. “I’ve seen more than you can imagine, but that was something new to me too. We both know how we shouldn’t let this job affect us and I try not to, but we get more and more cases like this, it makes it harder to push it away and go on.” He finally looked up at her. “How about you, how are you handling it?”

“Oh, you know me,” she said flippantly. “I’ll go home, hug my daughter and promise to protect her from all the evil in the world all the while knowing that I can only do so much.” She gave him a wry smile. “But at least I have someone for that kind of thing, unlike you.”

“That isn’t true,” he objected. When she raised her eyebrow at him, he just gave her a smile. “I’ll always have you, Catherine.”

She laughed and gave him a small nod. “Just what I need, another hand to hold.” She stood to leave, pausing at the door. “Good night, Grissom.”

“’Night,” he said, before slipping his headphones back over his ears and picking up his pen again.

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